2022 Spring Accessories For The Stylish Motorist

Spring is here and one needs to put one’s best foot forward, yes? The below items are either practical or stylish or both and will help you look and feel your best either behind the wheel or at whatever destination you’re rocketing to, you handsome devil.

True Classic V-Neck T-shirts $26

These high-quality t-shirts are specifically designed to form-fit around a man’s shoulders, arms and chest but remain loose about the midsection. That’s a boon to gentlemen with pandemic food babies – or who are just thick in the waist – but wish to highlight their muscles and minimize their fluff in their choice of clothing. They will not change a couch potato into The Rock, but they really do what’s advertised, are very well-made, and soft as butter. You can also wear them with anything – a suit, with jeans or shorts or what-have-you.

BlendJet 2 Portable Blender $49.95

For thousands of fitness-conscious folks who go on the road (raises hand) you know it’s a challenge not only to get a good workout away from home, but to feed your body healthy foods at the same time. This little unit, which fits in a backpack or similar, can be booted up in your hotel room or similar and will produce a kick-butt shake using milk, the fruit of your choice and the packets of protein shake that come with. Presto! You’ve got a quick, vitamin-packed meal. Once you start using it, you’ll want it whenever you go away.

Nikon Z 7II Kit $3,995.95

For the first time in a Nikon camera, the Z 7II is powered by not one, but two EXPEED 6 processing engines, working together for faster image processing, more buffer capacity and more overall speed. With its low-light autofocus performance, the Z 7II can find your subject in half the available light as its predecessor, enabling you to keep shooting into the evening with the same accurate AF performance.

The lens features a constant f/4 maximum aperture and is designed to be shot wide-open with smooth, quiet focusing. This versatile lens is ideal for capturing wide views, close-ups and everything in between. Best of all, you don’t need to be an expert to get up and shooting – even a beginner can start clicking using the camera’s automatic features, and you’ll have fun getting to know the camera’s many charms over time.

Hugo Boss Slim Fit Suit In Micro-Patterned Virgin Wool $745

Unlike the stiff monkey suit one is required to don at this or that affair, one puts on a Hugo Boss and you say “Dayum, I look good” to the mirror instead of “Wow, I look like my father.” Blended with stretch for easy movement, it’s patterned with a non-cheesy plain check pattern and it’s made from at least 60% responsible and certified wool. This means you know where the wool comes from – the sheep were raised and sheared in New Zealand, the yarn was spun and the fabric was woven in Italy, while the garment was tailored and produced in Turkey. The wool used is also mulesing free. The label should say “Guaranteed to evoke compliments and job offers.” And lest you think this outfit only works for the ultra-slim, the sizes go up to 50 waist.

Bond #9 Luxe Men’s Trio Cologne $495.00

A guy doesn’t always know how to pick a fragrance – what happens if you buy a bottle and end up clearing out elevators or gagging the kids in the car? Let Bond #9 help with three of the company’s top selling ultra-male fragrances — which women adore, the website says — 50ml each. They’re called Wall Street, Chez Bond and The Scent of Peace for Him. And if you don’t care for these scents, this company will actually design you your own personal cologne.

Bond Rose 59mm Sunglasses $250

A luxe mixture of metal and wood gives a contemporary update to classic aviator sunglasses with full-coverage and gradient lenses. And don’t we all need a pair of rose-colored glasses every now and then?

Rico Theta SC2 $299.95

The Theta SC2 is simple to operate for both amatuers and pros, and it’s so compact it can be kept in your pocket and pulled out in any situation to capture 360 photos and videos. There’s also a self-timer button that gives you the flexibility to set up and capture creative 360 group shots or make your own Insta or Tik-Tok masterpieces.

Velomacchi Roll-Top Waterproof Backpack $269.00

Ever get soaked to the socks, underwear and wallet on a motorcycle when a flash storm blasts you? Of course you have. There is nothing to do but let the expletives fly and press on, but there are some things that don’t survive a wetting, like your phone. The magnetic top closure of the Velomacchi Roll-top waterproof backapck ensures that nothing gets in – or out – while the side pockets make for easy access when the weather clears up.

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