‘Anatomy Of A Scandal’ Dethroned In Netflix’s Top 10 List By A New Show

Well, I can’t say I expected Anatomy of a Scandal, a six episode miniseries, and not a particularly recommendable one, to stay one top of Netflix’s top 10 list for very long. And after a few days, it has lost its throne. Though I can’t say it’s to something I was expecting.

Netflix’s new number one series is Conversations with a Killer: The John Wayne Gacy Tapes. The series is a short, three episode documentary series about the famous serial killer, the latest in Netflix reality-based programming to top the charts, though I suppose the opposite of its recent string of romance competition shows. Every so often we see one of this top the charts, last time it was Worst Roommate Ever, which was about murderous or psychopathic roommates.

Are these shows actually good? I suppose that depends on who you ask, but nothing seems to have made as much of an impact of Making a Murderer. Or I suppose Tiger King was a crime series at its core. I do not expect the Gacy documentary to last more than a few days on top, and we all know what’s going to be the #1 show soon, the second half of the final season of Ozark, which premieres a week from today on April 29.

I have just noticed that Netflix is now separating out its top 10 movies and top 10 TV shows into two separate lists. I suppose that makes sense, given that you would often click on something and have no idea if you were getting a show or a movie, and that’s now how all Netflix’s other categories work. On the movie list, we have surprise, another documentary on top, this one about Abercrombie and Fitch. Elsewhere in the top 10 list we have…all three Shrek movies and for some reason, How It Ends, a 2018 apocalypse movie with Netflix branding that I swear I watched a long time ago somewhere else. I’m not sure why it would be #3 on the list right now.

As for the former reigning champion, Anatomy of a Scandal is not a series that we need to wait around for to see if it will be renewed. It was based on a book, its story is told and the show was meant to be a limited series. Just another gear in Netflix’s endless, churning content machine that we will probably never think about again.

It has been a tremendously terrible week for Netflix which lost subscribers for the first time in years, and 35% of its stock price as a result. One common complaint is Netflix’s growing lack of quality control and the things that find themselves in Netflix’s most popular list being much worse than its competition. And then sometimes, things that hit #1 that are good are still killed off regardless, like Archive 81 most recently, for some reason. Strange times.

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