Conor McGregor in X-rated rant after being accused of living in “fantasy world”

Conor McGregor ‘s latest Twitter rant saw him label Rafael Fiziev a “bend back nobody b****” after the UFC lightweight accused him of living in a “fantasy world”.

McGregor and Fiziev went involved in a heated exchange on Twitter after McGregor tried to give the decorated muay thai fighter advice on his kicks. The pair seemed to be on good terms when Fiziev invited McGregor to come and train with him in Thailand, but the Irishman turned his nose up at the offer and went on to insult the Azerbaijani.

“No bother pal, sound,” McGregor replied to Fiziev. “Think of me as Tiger Woods with a 12 iron and your nose as the golf ball and think of me sprinting for it with a running switch kick and f*** your little bend back. You little bend back nobody b****. Oh you bend over, wow, that’s awesome. Congrats pal haha”. McGregor later added: “Tiger woods Muay Thai Dubai.”

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McGregor also tweeted a picture of a golf ball on a tee, indirectly writing to Fiziev: “This is what your man’s nose looks like to a tiger like me.” The Irishman then proceeded to express his love for Ireland and Dubai in a bizarre tweet about driving golf balls off of the Burj Al Arab hotel.

“Yup my team! My team for life! We’re skinning c**** years. F*** training today lads these guys are p***,” he wrote. “Let’s go drive balls off the top of the Burj Al Arab instead! Yup my country Dubai! We do work out here! Yup my country Ireland! For life we rule!”

Conor McGregor took aim at Rafael Fiziev in the Twitter rant

Conor McGregor took aim at Rafael Fiziev in the Twitter rant
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The last part of McGregor’s rant saw him boast about his bus attack on Khabib Nurmagomedov in 2018. McGregor and his teammates attacked a bus that Nurmagomedov was on at the Barclays Arena in New York. The Irishman reflected on the incident by writing: “Go against my team I’ll trap you inside an area. Like a scared rat. Word to the Barclay”.

Almost a year has passed since McGregor broke his leg against Dustin Poirier at UFC 264. He has been sidelined ever since the injury but is now able to train normally on the compromised leg. It’s unlikely McGregor will return to the octagon this year, but he was recently called out for a 170lb clash by recently-stripped UFC lightweight champion Charles Oliveira.

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