Conor McGregor told Jake Paul will see “slow” punches coming from “miles away”

Conor McGregor has been told by fans that Jake Paul will “rock his jaw” after a sharing video of his latest training drill.

The Irishman is preparing for his return to the Octagon after sitting out for the best part of a year with a broken leg. He has been active throughout his absence and has been sharing videos showing his progress to his 45million-plus followers on Instagram.

However, some fans were unimpressed with the legendary fighter’s speed in his new footage, which shows him drilling his famous left-hand shot in front of a crowd on holiday. McGregor can be seen moving around on the same leg that was snapped in July last year, while he repeatedly throws the left at a pad 11 times.

One fan expressed their concern about the speed, saying he looked: “So slow. See that dead hook coming a mile away.” Another added: “Bro just spamming slow left hands.”

More fans jumped to mock McGregor, with one writing that “it seems like his punches got slower”. They even feel that the video is so poor that it may indicate that the Irishman’s days at the top are limited, with one adding: “Too stiff and too slow, the golden days are over.”

And one fan even believed that the footage was enough to believe that McGregor would lose in a boxing match with YouTube star Paul. “Hahaha,” they wrote. “I’m starting to believe Jake Paul will rock that jaw. What dumba** drill is this? Looks like something you see outside a frat house. Sheesh.”

McGregor has recently returned to sparring and Mirror Fighting sources indicate that he will likely return in the early part of next year, or November this year at the earliest. He is currently away from Ireland, where he had been training at the Crumlin Boxing Club while he awaits clearance to get back to MMA training at SBG Ireland.

He returned to kicking earlier this week and shared footage on Instagram as part of an intensive workout video. Despite being inactive for what will have been well over a year when he does return, McGregor has remained on the tips of most top fighters’ tongues over the past few months.

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Charles Oliveira, who is the lightweight champion in all but name, called out McGregor for a title clash after his victory over Justin Gaethje. The Brazilian has claimed he is ready to take any “profitable” UFC bout, including one against McGregor, who is 1-3 since winning the belt in 2016.

Oliveira has admitted any fight with McGregor would be the best money-spinner in his career but would also cement his legacy with the promotion. “It would be a very good fight for me,” Oliveira told ESPN Brazil when asked about a potential fight with the Irishman.

“It would put a lot of money in my pocket, and [at this moment] that’s the most important thing. And it would also be really good for my legacy, for me to have in my story. Regardless, if he’s coming from defeat or not, he’s a guy who’s made history, so I think it would be great, but it’s not just up to me.

“If it were up to me, this fight would already be happening. I have a daughter to raise. Everyone wants to fight Conor, it’s not just me who wants to. Everyone knows that fighting Conor is very profitable. I’m talking about money.”

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