Does The Walking Dead’s Daryl And Carol Spin-Off Still Have Carol?

The Walking Dead is marching toward the end of the main series, but we know at least a good chunk of its cast is supposed to live on in a few spin-offs, namely two main ones. There’s one that was announced ages ago that features Daryl and Carol on the road after the events of the main show. Then more recently, there’s one called Isle of the Dead starring Negan and Maggie who are fighting zombies in Manhattan.

The existence of both these series has made the final season of The Walking Dead a bit less tense than usual, as we know that these four characters are safe no matter what kind of mortal peril they’re put in, but something a bit odd seems to be happening with one of them.

When the Negan and Maggie spinoff was announced, it already had poster art and a name. Meanwhile, despite being announced all the way back in the fall of 2020, the Daryl and Carol spin-off has never been named, we’ve never seen any art of promos for it, and now, a new rumor is starting to circulate: That Carol is no longer attached to the series, and this may end up being a solo Daryl venture.

Fans have been on Walking Dead/Angela Kang/Norman Reedus/Melissa McBride social accounts trying to get some answers. The main thing I’ve heard is something about a dispute over filming locations where McBride doesn’t want to shoot where Reedus does, but it’s unclear A) what started all this or B) if anything is going on at all.

I have asked my usually responsive AMC press contacts about this and have been met with silence. They did tell me back in March that yes, the show was still happening, but all this new drama only kicked up recently. What we do know is that we’ve seen and heard nothing publicly about the series since it was announced. There are even some wilder theories that the entire concept of the spin-off was announced to throw off fans regarding the potential death of either Daryl or Carol in the finale. Daryl is currently occupying the role of Rick Grimes in the comics for the Commonwealth storyline, and Rick is killed off shockingly in the final pair of issues of the source material. So never say never.

The main throughline here is that fans really do not want this spin off series to happen if it’s not the Daryl/Carol roadtrip they were promised. But even if Carol didn’t stay around for it, I have to believe AMC would probably move forward with the project with just Daryl, or pick another cast member to come along with him instead (I already have questions about Daryl’s current relationships with Connie, Lydia and others that spark him leaving everyone behind).

Hopefully there’s nothing to this and Daryl and Carol’s spin-off is intact, and they’re just finalizing the reveal plans. But if there are any changes and I hear anything specific, I’ll let you know.

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