Drake Ties One Of The Beatles’ Most Impressive Billboard Chart Records

Drake rules the two most important Billboard charts this week, as he appears at No. 1 on both the Billboard 200 albums ranking and the Hot 100 songs tally with brand new titles. As his surprise full-length Honestly, Nevermind launches in first place, fans have clearly chosen the tune “Jimmy Cooks,” a collaboration with 21 Savage, as their favorite. They streamed and purchased the cut in large enough quantities to help it start atop the Hot 100, giving both acts another leader.

Drake makes history in a number of ways with his latest display of domination, and he ties a band often referred to as the biggest and most successful of all time in one specific manner.

As “Jimmy Cooks” debuts at No. 1, Drake collects his twenty-ninth top five hit on the Hot 100. According to Billboard, that’s enough to help him advance once again on the all-time ranking of musicians with the most placements between Nos. 1 and 5, and now he’s tied with the best there ever was.

With 29 top five smashes on the Hot 100, Drake is now on the same level as The Beatles, who also managed as many wins. Before “Jimmy Cooks” debuted in first place, the Canadian hip-hop musician was tie with Madonna of the second-most top fives ever, as both stars had landed 28. Now, Madonna remains steady with her 28, while Drake passes her, likely for good.

Somewhat frustratingly, Drake almost tied and surpassed The Beatles simultaneously, as “Jimmy Cooks” is not the only song from Honestly, Nevermind to begin its time on the Hot 100 within the highest reaches of the tally. Two other cuts from the collection, “Sticky” and “Falling Back,” open inside the top 10, arriving at Nos. 6 and 7, respectively. Had the better-performing of the two, “Sticky,” entered just one space higher, Drake would have become the first name in U.S. history to snag 30 top five singles.

While Drake might not have beaten The Beatles this week, he almost certainly will do so at some point in the not-too-distant future. At the rate he releases music, either as a lead act or as a featured act supporting others, he will surely return to the top 10, and likely the top five, with unheard cuts very soon.

According to Billboard, 13 of the 14 tracks featured on Honestly, Nevermind debut on the Hot 100 this week. Drake didn’t release any of them ahead of the album dropping, which helped keep the entire project a surprise from the world. Nine of those songs launch inside the top 40, certifying them as at least minor hits.

Throughout his career, the Grammy winner has now placed an eye-popping 276 different songs onto the ranking, and with a lucky 13 new wins, he furthers his lead as the artist with the most appearances on the Hot 100. So far, only the cast of the TV show Glee has also reached 200 hits, as they stopped at 207 charting tunes.

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