Father’s Day Gift Guide For Your Motorcycling Dad

Dad may not be the daredevil he was in 1995, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to be stylin’ as he enjoys his weekend rides. Set him up for Father’s day with the below gift suggestions, some of which are made for riding, others for stepping out and some for practicality.

BFG (Billy F Gibbons) Cowboy boots $450

Billy F Gibbons, for those who’ve never heard ZZ Top’s “Sharp Dressed Man” or “Cheap Sunglasses,” is a legendary Texas rocker, hot-rodder, guitar-shredder and self-described beard-grower. Now he’s lent his name to the BFG, a new kind of cowboy boot that combines a classic style with a rock ‘n’ roll attitude. The design takes inspiration from Billy’s personal infatuation with cars, guitars and making music as well as pride in the man’s home state.

Gibbons himself was involved in every step of the design process, ensuring these boots have a heavy dose of his signature style. And does your Dad shred? The pull strap of each BFG boot has a spot to store a backup guitar pick, and the boots come pre-loaded with a couple of custom BFG picks.

Maui Jim FAIR WINDS Polarized Aviator Sunglasses $480

“Fair Winds and Following Seas” is a nautical term often used when beginning a new journey, for all you folks who’ve never sailed the seven seas. These Fair Winds shades introduce an amalgamation of materials making it the perfect way to set yourself apart with a decisive yet refined look. Flexible, glossy nylon pairs beautifully against the smooth, strong, matte titanium. The solid titanium nose pads are the finishing touch to embody meticulous attention to detail. Shop the polarized aviator sunglasses for women and aviator sunglasses for men collection, too.

GilletteLabs | Bugatti Special Edition Heated Razor $170

Shaving is serious business, and Bugatti’s Special Edition Heated Razor lets you attend to the matter with the precision, craft and style one expects from this iconic brand. This gorgeous razor is detailed in Bugatti Agile Bleu, the same blue made famous by the iconic Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport 2020, dubbed “The Purest Bugatti Ever.”

The premium-grade aluminum-zinc handle adds an air of sophistication to the razor’s overall look and feel. It’s a nod to the exclusive lightweight materials like anodized aluminum and titanium in your 1,000 horsepower supercar. Looks-wise, sitting on your sink or side shelf, it’s art. It also comes with a heavy-duty carrying case with assorted extras suitable for any Bugatti enthusiast.

SANGMO 180° Motorcycle Helmet Rack $42.99

A motorcycle helmet can be an irritating household object as it doesn’t lend itself to leaving on a counter, coffee table, or most household surfaces. If it falls, it can get damaged and render itself useless. The best solution to keep it out of the way and remember where you left it is to mount it on the wall.

This helmet rack is all made of steel and will not fade or rust, and you can mount it in your home, garage, motorcycle shos, exhibition hall or office. You can rotate the helmet 180 degrees, too, to a suitable angle. The part that is in contact with the helmet is a spherical surface, and a larger contact area can better protect the helmet. The hook at the bottom can hang motorcycle keys, clothes, backpacks, etc. It can be easily installed on the wall with only two screws.

True Classic V-Neck T-shirts $26

These high-quality t-shirts are specifically designed to form-fit around a man’s shoulders, arms and chest but remain loose about the midsection. That’s a boon to gentlemen with pandemic food babies – or who are just thick in the waist – but wish to highlight their muscles and minimize their fluff in their choice of clothing. They will not change a couch potato into The Rock, but they really do what’s advertised, are very well-made, and soft as butter. You can also wear them with anything – a suit, with jeans or shorts or what-have-you.

The company’s not just about flab-concealing tees, though. They also make kickass hoodies, underwear, warm and stylish jackets suitable for riding, and long-sleeve shirts that are great when it cools off at night and you need to layer your clothing. Check out the 50% off deals they currently have running here.

State Cashmere Men’s 100% Pure Cashmere Button Front Long Sleeve Cardigan Sweater From $149

Cardigans went from unironic old-man garb to ultra-hip Kurt Cobain rock ‘n’ roll clothing to, today, a legit fashion choice for cats of all ages, and that means you. Though you may be a leather-festooned, stubbled, cigar-smokin’ badass, you gotta clean up from time to time and this makes it easy.

It’s 100% imported Cashmere, with a substantial 12 gauge knit with tightly twisted 2-ply yarns, and it’ll pair with most anything – jeans, leather pants or what-have-you. It’s also super-soft, ultra warm and lightweight. Note from manufacturer: the item tends to run small, so size up if you buy.

Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker

Few bummers are as profound as the theft of your bike, but if yours is stolen, Invoxia, an 11-year old French GPS tracking device company, will help locate it. We tested one, and it really works.

The company produces this small, rechargeable, 4” x 1” x 0.4” tracking and location reporting device that communicates through their free Android or iPhone app. It uses GPS satellite information, triangulation from cell towers, and public internet hotspots to pinpoint its location. It sends the data back to the Invoxia servers over the AT&T LTE-M network so you can alert authorities or, if you’ve got the nerve, go and steal it back with your extra key. The product has a one-year warranty and includes a first-year subscription; when that expires, there is a $39 annual subscription.

Revzilla.com eGift Certificate $25-$500

Face it, if you don’t ride and Dad doesn’t tell you what new piece of equipment he needs, you’re going to get him something he’ll probably return to the store anyway – so why not give him a Revzilla.com eGift certificate?

Your certificate comes in multiple values, can be used on any item on the web site and if you want to order a physical certficate made of plastic, can do, too.

Ride safe! Your buddy Josh Max.

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