Ferrari Drivers Charles Leclerc And Carlos Sainz Talk F1 Performance And Sky High Ambition

With the 2022 Formula One World Championship well underway and one of the season’s most anticipated races, Silverstone, just around the corner (July 3), F1 drivers are under pressure to perform. And, with an ever-demanding race calendar and ongoing issues disrupting the commercial travel industry, often the most efficient way for drivers to travel between races is by private jet.

This is something that Scuderia Ferrari drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz know all too well. Luckily for them, for the fourth year running, global business aviation company VistaJet will be providing their team with private planes, enabling them to get around the world as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

To VistaJet founder Thomas Flohr, a competitive racing driver, this is a partnership close to his heart. “I have experienced first-hand the demands of racing and the intense focus required to consistently deliver a winning performance,” he says. “VistaJet will continue to provide the Ferrari team with seamless travel, to ensure their focus is on what is important — the competition and performance on track.”

In celebration, Ferrari drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz – currently number 3 and 5 on the F1 leaderboard respectively – boarded a VistaJet plane to record a special video in which they interview each other about F1 performance and sky high ambition.

Enjoy an exclusive preview of the interview.

Charles Leclerc: How does it feel to start the 2022 season with completely new goals and rules?

Carlos Sainz: I think it feels new. Everything feels new to us this year, and I think everything will be a bit of a new challenge. I particularly enjoy having to rediscover a new car, new tires, new rules, how the racing is going to be. I think already we had a taste of it in Barcelona, but I cannot wait to discover more in Bahrain and in the first races and see how much Formula One has changed.

Leclerc: How do you achieve the highest performance?

Sainz: I achieve the highest performance by looking into every detail. So I like to look into detail of my training plans. I like to go into detail of the Formula One car of the setup, of my driving. And of course the travelling…how can I be more efficient at travelling to arrive to a race more rested with high energy levels. And with this VistaJet usually always helps.

Leclerc: How do you prepare for a race while on the flight?

Sainz: I actually like flying because it is one of the only times of the day that I leave the phone and I do other stuff. It’s like you focus maybe on playing some chess or poker with you, or maybe read a book or just having a bit of my own time, which normally you cannot get when you are outside of an airplane. I know that nowadays there’s WiFi and everything, but I still prefer to have those five, six hours to Bahrain without the phone and do other stuff and maybe even read some emails, some reports from my engineers. I use the time to focus a bit, prepare myself.

Leclerc: What do you like about flying VistaJet?

Sainz: First thing I would say, time efficient. For me is the biggest thing about flying VistaJet, how efficient everything is since you leave your house until you arrive to the hotel. The time that you’re saved by flying VistaJet is always really, really high. Second, I would say, obviously, comfort. Once you arrive in this plane, everything is available to you. Everything is comfortable, the service is great, always, and always with a smile and wanting to make your flight there as comfortable as possible and make you feel at home. When travelling you always feel away from home, so with VistaJet, you feel a bit closer.

And, in Sainz’s turn to grill Leclerc…

Carlos Sainz: How much of your time do you spend thinking about winning?

Charles Leclerc: All the time. For me, it’s really all the time. Whenever I’m at home I think about racing, which in the end is about winning. Whenever I go training it’s about winning. So yeah, most of the time.

Sainz: What are the travel essentials you always carry with you?

Leclerc: My toothbrush, this is really important. Underwear, socks. And now…I’ve never said that actually, but I will say it on this video…I’m passing my plane license. So, I always have with me the book to learn the plane license.

Sainz: What’s one thing you always look forward to when flying?

Leclerc: Just the comfort on board. The comfort on board is, for me, above anything else… [VistaJet] feels like home every time… you find always the same style. It feels like you already know this place and it makes you feel at home. So, this is probably the best thing. And obviously the amount of time that we gain… we are travelling a lot and we go straight to the airport, straight to the plane, fly to the destination. We win a lot of time.

To watch the video interview, go to or visit VistaJet on Instagram.

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