Floyd Mayweather admits he doesn’t know opponent’s name ahead of “joke” fight

Floyd Mayweather is so relaxed about his latest exhibition bout that he claims not to know his opponent’s name.

Mayweather will take on MMA fighter Mikuru Asakura over three three-minute rounds in Tokyo this weekend in his latest cash grab. The 45-year-old has made a fortune from exhibition bouts since he retired from the ring after his win over Conor McGregor in 2017.

He has already lined up another bout with YouTube star Deji which will take place in Dubai on November 13, and has been linked with a rematch with Manny Pacquiao who is in Japan this weekend to support his rival’s opponent. And when it was put to Mayweather that he had dictated the rules of this weekend’s bout because he was “scared”, he dismissed any suggestion he was perturbed.

Floyd Mayweather takes on Mikuru Asakura

“I’ve never seen my opponent compete as an MMA fighter, I’ve never seen him compete as a boxer, I don’t know his weight class and I don’t even know his name,” he said. “I don’t even know the rules; when I do these exhibitions, my opponents take it serious but to me it’s just a joke. It’s just like waking up, getting out of bed and ordering breakfast; it’s extremely easy.

“I was partying last night, I’m always enjoying myself, smiling and enjoying life. This is nothing to me. I’m not worried about this; to him, and to everyone else, it’s something real huge but to me it’s just another day.”

Mayweather, meanwhile, has also said he would be willing to come out of retirement for a second fight with UFC legend McGregor. The Irishman later rejected his rival’s claim that talks were in the latter stages, but Mayweather told TMZ: “I’m not going to really get in the ring anymore. I had a great career for over 20 years fighting the best fighters I can possibly fight.

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“I’ve done great numbers. Now I’m just doing exhibitions. It’s still very, very lucrative. I’m enjoying myself. Hopefully me and Conor McGregor can lock up in 2023 in a real fight. If the price is right, of course, they already talked to me about the number that I’m going to receive, and of course, it’s nine figures.

“You know we’ve got to start at least $100 million for Floyd Mayweather. I’m always the A-side. My philosophy is ‘never stop getting it’. But if I’m not taking any bodily harm or if I’m not taking any abuse, then I can go out there, have fun and entertain the people.”

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