Floyd Mayweather to sell just 20 tickets for next fight as fans spend £150,000 each

Floyd Mayweather’s latest exhibition fight will be watched by just 20 fans in Dubai with a ticket to be ringside costing £150,000.

The boxing legend will return to the ring in his latest mega-money exploit on May 14 against former undefeated fighter Don Moore in the Middle East. The fight will take place in an exclusive location on a helipad atop the plush Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai.

Mayweather has revealed tickets will be available only as NFT’s – which are digital assets available for purchase that are used to represent objects such as an entrance ticket. The exclusive ticket will cost 65 Ethereum which is a Bitcoin currency with a value close to £150,000.

According to The Sun, ten of the 20 available tickets to fans have already been sold for the exclusive fight, with the pay-per-view for all other fans eager to see his return set to cost £14.99 on streaming site LIVENow. After selling the 20 tickets, the event will already have made a guaranteed revenue of £3million.

This will be the third exhibition of Mayweather’s career since his retirement since he defeated Conor McGregor. He first competed against Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa before facing YouTube sensation Logan Paul in a hugely successful event last June.

His bout with Paul is expected to have earned Mayweather around $65m after the fight sold one million pay-per-views across the globe. Mayweather will now touch gloves with his former sparring partner Moore who has never lost a fight during his short professional career.

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Floyd Mayweather will face Don Moore next month

Floyd Mayweather will face Don Moore next month
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Mayweather claimed that he was paid $1m just to attend the press conference after being forced to move his schedule to accommodate undercard fighter Anderson Silva. He has also suggested that he could be set to earn $100m for his latest fight.

“I was able to leave boxing on my own terms and now the boxing critics are upset that I am still able to milk and finesse the sport of boxing by throwing exhibitions,” Mayweather said during an interview with Fight Hype. “Sixteen minutes and I am able to get eight and nine figures from the fruits of my labour. Once again I am not hurting for my money, I am far from hurting for money. I didn’t retire from getting money.”

Mayweather has faced widespread criticism for his level of opponent with Moore having just fought against opposition with losing records during his time in the sport. However his new rival is confident of being able to “expose” the 50-0 star. “I am excited to participate in this event,” said Moore. “Because of how much of the same training I received from Roger Mayweather, I am gonna be able to give Floyd real problems.

“I have been training hard to show everyone what ‘Dangerous’ Don Moore is all about and expose Floyd’s weaknesses. This is my shot, The time is now, Floyd isn’t invincible.”

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