Friday Box Office: ‘Everything Everywhere’ Becomes A24’s Third-Biggest Grosser

In better Universal news (RIP, Firestarter), DreamWorks’ The Bad Guys (which premiered on PVOD yesterday) earned another $3.05 million (27%) on Friday for a likely $6.68 million (-30%) fourth weekend and $66 million 24-day cume. The $80 million toon should end its domestic run with $80 million. Paramount’s Sonic the Hedgehog 2 earned another $1.02 million (-32%) on Friday for a likely $4.21 million (-30%) sixth weekend. That pushes Paramount and Sega’s $110 million video game sequel past $175 million.

Once again, the kids’ flicks are benefiting from a gap in the marketplace. I can think of at least one kid’s flick that damn well should have been in theaters this month, and yes that’s a compliment, but I think the embargo is still up so it can wait until next week. Meanwhile, absent as much direct competition from the latest MCU flick, A24’s Everything, Everywhere All at Once returned to showing Greatest Showman/Sixth Sense-worthy legs.

The Daniels’ acclaimed and crowd-pleasing multiverse fantasy earned another $917.841 (-4%) for a likely $3.225 million (-8%) weekend and a new $47 million domestic cume. It passed Hereditary ($44 million) on Friday to become A24’s third-biggest domestic earner. With a hold like this, it’ll leapfrog past Lady Bird ($49 million) and Uncut Gems ($50 million) maybe as early as next weekend.

Oh, and once it passes House of Gucci ($52 million), it’ll have outgrossed all last year’s Oscar season contenders save for Dune ($108 million) and will be second only to Channing Tatum’s Dog ($62 million) among non-franchise/adult-skewing/etc. flicks since Universal’s 1917 in January 2020.

Meanwhile, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Dumbledore will earn $2.44 million (-43%) in weekend five for a $90.07 million 31-day cume, while The Northman (which also just popped up on PVOD this week) will gross $1.64 million (-43%) for a $32 million 24-day cume. That would be a halfway decent gross for Robert Eggers’ R-rated, non-franchise, ultraviolent, slightly arthouse period piece Viking actioner had it not cost $70 million.

Meanwhile, Paramount tossed The Lost City onto Paramount+ (and EST platforms) on day 47 as promised, and the Sandra Bullock/Channing Tatum flick will earn $1.64 million (-41%) for a $97.1 million cume. I can’t imagine Paramount letting this one tap out at $99.99 million or whatever, and the total lack of films aimed at adult women this summer may keep it around.

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