‘From Now On, Showtime’ Puts On A Magical Otherworldly Show

When an aging shaman falls ill after an exorcism, he informs his associates that his grandson, Cha Cha-woong, should take over his calling.

However, his grandson, played by Park Hae-jin, has seen how ungrateful a shaman’s clients can be and long ago decided that calling was not for him. Instead he uses his ability to communicate with ghosts for fame and fortune. The magician’s fans call Cha-woong the God of Magic because he can do seemingly death-defying magic tricks that have no explanation. The explanation for his impossible feats is a trio of ghost assistants, but he’s the only one that can see them.

His garrulous, money-hungry, seatbelt-wearing ghost assistants—played by Jung Suk-yong, Ko Kyu-pil and Park Seo-yeon—are essential to his success. They are also a big part of what makes this Korean drama very funny. More magic is supplied by Park’s acting, since he’s pitch perfect as a smug, aloof magician with no use for humans.

Cha-woong’s magic career goes smoothly until he runs into a female police officer named Ko Seul-hee, played by Jin Ki-joo. They meet when she chases a thief into his studio. She accidentally switches a helmet she wore, which features a dash cam, for the helmet he wears in his magic show. Seul-hee is known for making trouble and a dash cam that captures the magician’s ghostly assistants in action could spell big trouble for Cha-woong. She’s determined to pursue justice. He’s determined to find that helmet and save his career.

Those closest to his grandfather want Cha-woong to use his gifts for good and so far he’s refused. Seul-hee may be the one to convince him. She might also possibly convince him that humans aren’t all bad.

Park Hae-jin was last seen in the dramas Kkondae Intern and Forest. Jin Ki-joo last appeared in the dramas Homemade Love Story and The Secret Life of My Secretary. From Now On, Showtime also stars Jung Joon-ho and Kim Jong-hoon.

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