Get Chip And Dale’s ‘Ugly Sonic’ His Own Paramount Plus Show Immediately

Since my child is only old enough to look at black and white shape cards, I did not know that there was a new Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers movie on Disney Plus. But I was made aware of it after seeing several clips from it circulate this weekend including one featuring…Ugly Sonic.

Yes, that Ugly Sonic.

The joke is that Chip and Dale run into Ugly Sonic at a convention, the version of Sonic that was the original CGI hedgehog in the first trailer for the blockbuster Sonic movie. The internet collectively melted down at how bad he looked to the point where the filmmakers actually apologized and resolved to make a more game-like Sonic for the final product, no doubt a colossal amount of work.

And the thing is…it worked. The rest is history, as the Sonic movie, now with a non-creepy looking Sonic, was a massive hit, as was its recently released sequel.

But Ugly Sonic? I want more of this guy, and I’m very sure he deserves his own Paramount Plus series, assuming that’s who has the rights (they did the Sonic movie, though Ugly Sonic here is on Disney, so not sure how that happened).

The best part is that Ugly Sonic is voiced by none other than I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson’s Tim Robinson, the bizarre, excellent comedy series on Netflix that is coming back for a third season. Combining the concept of Ugly Sonic with Robinson’s performance could be a grim comedy hit. There’s even a show proposed in the Chip and Dale clip itself, Ugly Sonic: Uglier Crimes. Sure! Just do that! Perfect.

With the success of the second Sonic the Hedgehog film, there will no doubt be a third movie where the character is voiced by Parks and Rec star Ben Schwartz, but a Robinson Ugly Sonic series is too funny not to consider on Paramount Plus, which really could some extra motivation for subscriptions at the moment.

Will anything come of this? I mean, the clips are going viral, and SEGA seems goofy enough to greenlight something like this so long as they don’t think it will damage the brand. I suppose it could be a bit of a risk if they decide to go MA-rated and foul mouthed with it, which seems like Ugly Sonic would lend itself to, but who knows.

I do hope this happens, and may this article be the first domino in a series of events that triggers someone to take notice and get it done.

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