How To Style Leather For Fall 2022 And Winter 2023

Leather is everywhere in 2022 street style. From oversized leather jackets to leather dresses, boots, and bags — and even leather fingerless gloves — the biker chic aesthetic is on-trend for fall 2022 and winter 2023. And, while some leather in an outfit doesn’t seem new, head-to-toe leather is becoming more of a thing than in years past. Especially popular is shiny black leather from top to bottom, although mixing and matching leather colors is also a stylish option for wearing a full leather outfit (just look to Katie Holmes for proof). Not sure how to style leather into your own wardrobe for fall 2022 and winter 2023? Here’s how to wear leather and look on-trend this season — and, don’t worry, vegan leather is fair game.

Go For A Leather Dress With Chunky Leather Oxfords Like Katie Holmes

This Chloé leather dress worn by Katie Holmes during Paris Fashion Week in September 2022 provides a fresh take on fall leather with a romantic fringe hemline and whipstitched detailing. Paired with an oversized black leather clutch and chunky oxfords, Katie pulls off this season’s popular head-to-toe leather look with added texture and the boldness of bringing together more than one shade of leather into a single gorgeous look. Borrow Katie’s style by mixing and matching your own leather colors and bringing in boho elements like fringe.

Wear Head-To-Toe Leather Like A Greek Goddess

Head-to-toe leather definitely seems to be a fashion theme for fall 2022 and winter 2023. While throwing a leather jacket over a pair of leather pants with some leather boots is the easiest way to achieve this look, there is also fun to be had with different textures and cuts. A crop top leather blouse paired with a long leather skirt makes for a look that’s sure to stand out in a crowd.

Play With Leather Patchwork And Go Oversized With Your Jacket

Oversized jackets are another common street style trend for fall 2022 and winter 2023. And, while classic leather jackets will win you points (especially oversized ones), a jacket with patchwork leather detailing is also a stylish look for the colder months ahead.

Mimic Leather With Pantaboots And A Gloved Shirt

While no actual leather (or vegan leather) may have been involved in Kim Kardashian’s look for Good Morning America in September 2022, the overall aesthetic still matches the head-to-toe leather craze showing up in street styles around the world. Kim Kardashian is known for so-called “pantaboots,” the one-piece boot and pant combination — which you can pick up from Balenciaga just like Kardashian for approximately $3,050 (but good luck tracking down a new pair in animal print). Then wear with a leather or leather-inspired top for the full effect. Kardarshian even wore sewn-in gloves for the ultimate head-to-toe — or head-to-finger — look.

Play With Softer Colors And Feminine Ruffles

While the bikercore aesthetic is certainly on-trend, leather is also being worn in more feminine looks with softer colors and details like the ruffles seen above. A more fitted leather jacket in off-white or beige is a nice way to reclaim the leather trend with a softer and possibly more versatile aesthetic.

Chanel Your Inner Biker Chick

That’s right, bringing in a biker aesthetic is on-trend for fall 2022 and winter 2023 — and some are deeming it “bikercore”. To achieve the look, hunt down a traditional biker jacket, opt for head-to-toe black, and mix in chunky jewelry and boots for the full look.

Try Thigh-High Suede Boots Instead

Thigh-high boots are a fun way to sport leather this fall and winter while keeping the mini skirts in rotation. Swap regular leather for suede if you’re looking to mix things up. Either way you’ll be on-trend, just add an oversized jacket to fight off the chill.

Opt For Shiny Black Leather And A Blazer Cut

Blazers are still around this fall and winter — but opting for leather is a fun way to update the look from previous seasons. Add leather knee-high boots and a belt to pull all that leather together. Just try not to regret getting rid of basically the same jacket in the early 2010s.

Play With Shiny Black Leather Accessories Like Gloves, Bags, And Pumps

If all-over leather isn’t your thing, it can still be brought in with the details. These leather gloves and pumps add spice to an otherwise timeless look. Pick up your own leather fingerless gloves to bring a bit of biker cool to any outfit.

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