Innovative 125-Foot-Long Azimut Flagship Makes A Statement In Palm Beach

When it comes to infectious intelligence, enthusiasm and yachting industry industry vison, few combine such powerful traits quite like Azimut Benetti Group Vice President, Giovanna Vitelli. Simply put, she’s an Italian powerhouse who oversees numerous shipyards within the group that includes Benetti (builder of some of the largest superyachts in the world), as well as Azimut (builder of yachts from 42- to 125-feet).

But it was only when she gave me a personal tour of the 125-foot-long Grande Trideck that I really began to understand just how influential she is. In fact, I realized that even before we stepped on board at the 2022 Palm Beach Boat Show.

“Take a look at this beach club,” she said as we stepped aboard. “It’s massive. We’re really excited to offer our customers such a big space that makes it easy, comfortable and to access the sea.” And that’s just one reason why this new yacht has been such a big hit. No other 125-footer is quite like it.

And the beach club is not the only special feature. The exterior styling by Alberto Mancini features large living areas that are hard to find on a yacht this size. In fact, thanks to its innovative layout, four individual outdoor terraces including the sundeck, perfect for secluded sunbathing, the upper deck that features the main outdoor dining area, next, the new Sea View Terrace, floating just a few feet above the water, and down below, the full-height beach area are available.

Meanwhile, the Achille Salvagni-designed interior features massive windows, luxurious fabrics and unmistakable style. In fact, the interior-that features on-of-a-kind furniture and light fixtures felt like—art—like the whole 125-foot-long yacht was a living, breathing, moving work of art.

But as stylish as the interior and the layout is, I keep coming back to just how cool it would be to hang out in the warm sun of the beach club after a refreshing swim. Lounging on the comfortable furniture that’s designed to be comfortable and durable at the water’s edge would let my salty skin dry and refresh my spirits too.

And we could all use some refreshed spirits, right? So, I’ll let you in on a secret—all yachts, no matter what size—can refresh your spirits. But the Azimut Grande Trideck will do it with style.

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