Iranian Hulk responds to Kazakh Titan with swipe at Martyn Ford

Iranian Hulk has called for rival Kazakh Titan to sign a fight contract with a fresh swipe at “cowardly opponent” Martyn Ford.

The Iranian star – real name Sajad Gharibi – was set to make his boxing debut in April but the fight was shelved at short notice. Now, Gharibi has been called out for a second time by rival Kazakh Titan – Djumanov Almat Bakhytovich – who ripped a book in half during a new show of strength.

Gharibi has claimed he is waiting to sign a contract that has been prepared for the pair to come face-to-face in the boxing ring. He said in a video on his Instagram story: “Well I have seen the Kazakh gorilla has invited me to fight recently. I hope that this time it is not for followers and margins.

“I hope that like that previous cowardly opponent he will not give up and come. Avoid hitting the doll and sticking paper to the bag. Come and face me. I am waiting to sign the contract whenever you can. Just sign the contract.”

Social media star Bakhytovich has a significantly smaller profile than Gharibi but has recently begun a quest to draw his rival into a boxing fight. The Kazakh star previously beat up a doll with an image of the Iranian attached to it in his maiden attempt to publicly call-out the star.

This was met with no response from Gharibi, who has not previously entertained the calls to action. Bakhytovich recently made his second call-out by tearing a book in half during a social media video using the words: “Sajad let’s fight.” Gharibi recently suggested he was open to a fight with Bakhytovich after being “called to war” but is keen to avoid a repeat of his face-off collision with Ford in Dubai.

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Kazakh Titan is willing to step in and fight Iranian Hulk

Kazakh Titan is willing to step in and fight Iranian Hulk

Gharibi was set to meet Ford in London but the fight was cancelled with the British star citing “mental health reasons” as the issue for the withdrawal of the contract. Ford later revealed that he was concerned his planned opponent would take his own life if they touched gloves.

The 30-year-old promptly refuted the claims and threatened to take legal action with his rival over the cancelled fight. Gharibi later demanded he meets a new opponent, which could see Bakhytovich now step into the limelight after his recent endeavours.

Bakhytovich is significantly smaller than his rival standing at 5’7″ but weighs a huge 115kg, which has seen him make a number of appearances on National TV in his home country. Gharibi stands at 6’2″ and weighs 175kg, meaning there would be a colossal size difference if the pair were to settle their scores in the ring.

His Kazakh rival has claimed he has been waiting for a whole year to take a heavyweight duel shortly after Gharibi’s fight with Ford was cancelled. “Sajad you are a coward, come with me Deris I have been waiting for you for 1 year now sign the contract coward,” he said during a video where he ripped up photos of Gharibi.

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