Jetfire From ‘Transformers’ Has A Suitably Massive Toy On The Way

The fan favorite Jetfire is finally getting the Masterpiece toy treatment from Takara Tomy, and it looks suitably huge with it.

Jetfire has a complex origin in terms of the original design. In that the toy used was a recolored version of the VF-1S Super Valkyrie from Macross, as penned by Shoji Kawamori.

Outside of Japan, this was initially less of an issue but the anime itself had to come up with something similar but separate.

This is where this version of Jetfire comes in, or Skyfire as it is known in Japan. A much chunkier and blockier design, it fit better with the other designs in the show.

While this toy is not to scale with the other Transformers in the Masterpiece line, it is still massive and towers over the recently released Optimus Prime from the same line (shown above).

That said, this Jetfire toy also comes with miniature versions of other Transformers that are done to actual scale, which is a nice touch.

Like with other Masterpiece toys, the sculpt and detailing look amazing but I fully expect the new transformation sequence to be mind bendingly complicated.

Released in January next year, this Masterpiece Jetfire toy is priced at 38,500 yen (or around $284). So you better start saving if you want to acquire one of the more elusive Autobots.

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