John Fury calls out David Haye, Carl Frampton and Derek Chisora after Tyson’s KO

John Fury called out the “experts” who tipped his son to lose after Tyson’s masterful win over Dillian Whyte at Wembley Stadium.

In front of 94,000 fans, Fury first delivered a spectacular entrance, carried towards the ring on a throne whilst a remix of American Pie and Kings of Leon reverberated around the arena. And his performance was every bit of memorable, dominating Whyte over the first five rounds.

Then in the sixth, came the defining blow, as he landed a clean right uppercut on ‘The Body Snatcher’ that instantly floored him. Although Whyte did stagger back to his feet, it was clear the contest was over.

Whilst ‘The Gypsy King’ had gone in as the clear favourite with the bookies to retain his WBC and The Ring heavyweight titles, Whyte had his share of backers too. Among them was David Haye, who had also previously tipped Fury to lose to Wladimir Klitschko and Deontay Wilder.

That prompted a furious response from John Fury, who ranted to talkSPORT : “If David Haye is commentating on this fight, I’ll tell you now David, you’ve shot your mouth off one too many times and it’s too far. If you’re there, mate, have your tin hat on because you’re going to need it, that’s all I’m saying.”

Derek Chisora meanwhile, said he was so confident Whyte would win that he was willing to bet his house on it. That comment didn’t escape Fury in his post-fight press conference, who offered ‘Del Boy’ his sympathies on now being ‘homeless’.

John Fury called out the pundits who backed Dillian Whyte

John Fury called out the pundits who backed Dillian Whyte
Frank Warren’s Queensbury Promotions/YouTube)

Speaking to Frank Warren’s Queensberry Promotions YouTube channel, he asked: “Where was David Haye?” His interviewer then enquired if he’d seen ‘The Haymaker’ at ringside.

“No. Like a good many others,” he replied. “Derek Chisora – wrong. David Haye – wrong. Carl Frampton – wrong. I could go on all night. I never made a prediction all week did I? What did I say to you?

“Leave it to the so called experts because I want to see them with egg on their face. There’s no egg on me because I’m a masterclass at this. I can see what my sons can do from a country mile away. I possess quality knowledge here.”

The former boxer was also able to celebrate a win for younger son Tommy, who went 8-0 in his pro-career by beating Daniel Bocianski. And Fury senior, 57, argued the night justified his status as trainer to the pair.

“I’m ecstatic, two sons, two victories,” he added. “We’ve got a great little team here, mostly family, and it works. And I knew that the pressure was on me because anything less than a superb performance [from Tyson] and I’d have got the blame for it.”

He did also say thank you to all fans who attended or watched on the PPV, adding the occasion had made him feel like he had “a trillion dollars.” It now remains to be seen if Tyson, 33, will box again after claiming he now intends to step away from the sport.

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