Kazakh Titan issues new call-out to Iranian Hulk with latest show of strength

The ‘Kazakh Titan’ Djumanov Almat Bakhytovich has issued a new callout to the Iranian Hulk by tearing a book in half as a show of strength.

Social media influencer Bakhytovich doesn’t have a comparable following to the Iranian Hulk, whose real name is Sajad Gharibi, but has made it his mission to fight him in a boxing match. Gharibi was set to face Martyn Ford last month in London, but the event was called off due what the Brit claims were concerns over his mental state.

The Iranian has refuted his rival’s claim and threatened legal action against him, insisting that he wanted to fight and that he would be able to compete. The pair had gone face-to-face in Dubai, with Ford dominating a physical altercation between the pair.

And he has expressed interest in still fighting, despite promoters being concerned that he wouldn’t be mentally fit to compete against Ford. He may have found an opponent in Bakhytovich, the Kazakh strongman who has been pushing for a fight over the past few months.

The Kazakh Titan wants to fight Sajad Gharibi; the Iranian Hulk

He took to social media to share a video showing him tearing a small book in half to display his strength, and call out Gharibi for a fight. In the post, he says a few words in English: “Sajad, let’s fight.”

Gharibi generally doesn’t entertain Bakhytovich’s callouts, having already been offered a fight with Ford, who has over 4million followers, as well as the opportunity to fight in Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship. Gharibi has over 1m followers in his own right, while the Kazakh Titan only has just over 23,000.

But when asked directly by the Daily Star, he welcomed a fight with Bakhytovich. He said that he was “called to war”, but the Iranian wants to avoid any promotion for the fight after his scuffle with Ford and get straight in the ring against his Kazakh rival.

Who do you think wins; the Kazakh Titan or the Iranian Hulk? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

According to his Instagram bio, Bakhytovich stands at 5’7″ but weighs a massive 115kg. He claims to bench press 150kg and deadlift 300kg. Bakhytovich also won first place in some sort of bodybuilding competition in his native country two years ago, and has made a number of appearances on Kazakh TV.

Meanwhile, Gharibi is 6’2″ and 175kg, meaning he would tower over the Kazakh Titan if the pair were to ever meet in the ring. They’d both be able to compete at heavyweight, but it would be a monstrous weight difference and the Iranian would likely need to drop major weight.

“Sajad you are a coward, come with me Deris I have been waiting for you for 1 year now sign the contract coward,” Bakhytovich said to Gharibi after his fight with Ford was cancelled. It remains to be seen if the pair will meet, as some question the Iranian’s legitimacy as a strongman.

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