Khamzat Chimaev backed to learn from Khabib’s mistakes after missing weight

Khamzat Chimaev’s teammate believes that Khabib Nurmagomedov was off the mark when he criticised the fighter’s lack of Muslim influence after he missed weight for his last fight.

The welterweight contender was 7.5lb over the welterweight limit for his UFC 279 main event with Nate Diaz earlier this month, and drew criticism from fans and fighters alike. One high profile critic was the legendary former lightweight champion, who himself has had issues with the weight cut in the past getting down to 155lb.

Nurmagomedov felt that Chimaev, a fellow Muslim, did not have enough Islamic influence around him in his team as he prepared for the fight, which led to his ultimate problems. The pair are both devout in their faith, but the former lightweight has always maintained a stronger religious presence in his camps.

Reza Madadi, Chimaev’s teammate, feels differently. As a Muslim, he believed that Nurmagomedov was being too favourable to their people, insisting that simply following the Islamic teachings in itself does not make someone capable of avoiding all missteps.

In a lengthy Instagram message, Madadi wrote: “Dear Khabib, my muslim brother. Firstly I would like say I have a huge respect for you as an athlete and for all your achievements in our beloved sport of MMA. I am also very proud of how you represent our religion, belief and God in all your interviews and appearances.

“But, I would like to give my point on your opinion on Khamzat Chimaev not having a muslim team around him and that was supposed to be the reason of him missing the weight. I have to disagree with you on this part. Not only have Khamzat had muslim friends and teammates such as me around him from day one, but also from many other religions and backgrounds.

“They have been people that have been with him from the start, giving him love, sharing blood, sweat and joy and done everything to bring him to where he is now. Being a muslim doesn’t mean we are perfect and flawless, trust me, I have done many mistakes in my life as many people know, with all due respect, so have you.”

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Nurmagomedov was never beaten in the octagon during 29 appearances. But he did lose to the scale a few times in his effort to get down from a ‘walking around’ weight that could be as high as 200lb to 155lb, and was even hospitalised during one particularly bad cut.

“Mentioning having muslim team will make you perfect, I have to disagree,” he continued. “Having a team that cares about you. in good times and bad times, no matter what belief or religion they have is far more important. And that is something Khamzat has.

“There are several issues that made Khamzat miss the weight but those reasons stay in the team. But he is still young and he will learn from his mistakes. If a big Champion like you, did learn from your mistake when you missed weight, I have no doubt that our brother Khamzat will do as well.”

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