KSI declares himself the “king” of YouTube boxing ahead of summer return

British star KSI has declared himself the “king” of the YouTube boxing scene having helped begin the trend in 2018.

The YouTube star will make his return to the ring on August 27 – nearly three years after his last exploit against Logan Paul. KSI – real name JJ Olatunji – began his career in the boxing ring with a white-collar bout against fellow content creator Joe Weller, which set the trend for fights between personalities from the video streaming platform.

Olatunji has claimed that he can now re-dedicate his time to training after launching his hugely successful music career. “This is why, ladies and gentlemen, I’m so excited to get back in the ring now, I can shoot so many people out,” Olatunji said during a video reacting to TikTok clips on his YouTube channel. “Obviously, after beating Logan, I had to focus on one of my main goals in life.

“You know to do violin music. I have always been doing music throughout my life and it was somewhere I needed to pursue. Now, I feel like I’m in a very good space musically. What’s going on, what I miss, now you call all these motherf***** saying KSI ain’t this and that!

“Do you not understand who I am? I’m the king baby. It was Joe Weller, Theo Baker and then me. I took it to crazy levels and then was like I am out I will do music for a little bit but now I am back.

“I am so excited to get back in the ring and I will show everyone that I am the greatest YouTube boxer. And then there will be silence from all of these haters. I have been watching all of these p***** like Jake [Paul] and Austin [McBroom] thinking they are sick, just wait.”

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KSI hasn't fought since defeating Logan Paul in 2019

KSI hasn’t fought since defeating Logan Paul in 2019
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Olatunji defeated Weller in his opening bout before fighting to a majority decision draw with Paul in his second amateur contest. The pair then turned professional for their second meeting, which Olatunji won by split decision. He came face-to-face with Logan’s brother Jake after he launched his boxing career and the pair have frequently exchanged fiery words over what would be arguably the biggest YouTube boxing fight.

He later launched his music career, releasing two major hit albums over the previous two years. Olatunji has also continued to film videos with hugely popular group Sidemen, who have over 10million subscribers on the YouTube platform. His next fight has been announced without an opponent or venue despite being heavily paired with Alex Wassabi.

Paul has revealed his charge is currently in talks with Olatunji over a meeting. “We’re shooting for that KSI fight in August,” Paul said. “I think it could very easily happen, it’s just from KSI’s side him actually getting in the ring, he keeps on talking about it and he’s been talking about it for what seems like years now.”

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