Logan Paul confirms he will sue Floyd Mayweather over failure to pay fight purse

Logan Paul intends to take legal action against Floyd Mayweather after alleging he is a “few million” short of being paid his fight purse.

The YouTube star shared the ring with boxing legend Mayweather last June in an event which was viewed as a huge success having generated one million pay-per-view sales. Paul previously claimed Mayweather had yet to pay him his fight purse from the event with the social media sensation expected to have earned around $15million.

Paul has now vowed to fight Mayweather in court after claiming he remains short of several million from his final pay cheque. “No, he has not paid me in full,” Logan told TMZ. “That is a fact. Short a few mil. We’re taking this one to court. See you in the courtroom. Congrats on going to prison, Floyd.”

Since their exhibition was completed last year, Paul has claimed on multiple occasions that Mayweather is yet to pay his fight purse including when he branded the star a “rat” after doubling down on his alleged case. The boxing legend has since responded to Paul’s claim explaining he is yet to receive purses from his previous professional fights.

“This comes with the territory,” Mayweather told the The Pivot Podcast . “To them, that’s real money, and I like the YouTubers. The money on the back end though, from pay-per-view, that takes a while. Nothing comes right away. I’m still collecting cheques from fights seven or eight years ago. They just hate when the table is turned. Be happy with the biggest payday you ever got in your life.”

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Floyd Mayweather fought Logan Paul last June

Floyd Mayweather fought Logan Paul last June
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Paul survived the eight-round distance in the fight and was overjoyed with his performance. Mayweather pocketed a mega $65million purse with exhibitions continuing to add to the lucrative earnings from his professional career.

Mayweather has even been urged by his own uncle to pay Paul’s purse despite the boxing trainer admitting he would stay well away from becoming involved in the dispute. Logan’s brother Jake – who was heavily involved in the build-up after confronting Mayweather and stealing his hat – has become concerned Paul will never receive his purse.

“Not, not yet,” Paul replied to FightHubTV when asked if his brother Logan had received his fight purse. “ Floyd Mayweather is broke. That’s what a lot of people don’t realise. I don’t know if Logan will ever get paid. It’s kind of f***** up!”

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