Making Laundry Cool: The Laundress Collaborates With KITH

The Laundress has done the impossible: it’s made doing laundry enjoyable. And now, they’re making laundry cool with their latest collaboration with New York heritage brand, KITH. The brands have collaborated on a new, unisex detergent available today exclusively at KITH, online, and in stores. “KITH consumers place a high value on their KITH garments because they are unique and integral to their wardrobe,” said Royce Russell, The Laundress’ Chief Marketing Office. “The Laundress was a perfect fit to help those consumers take the best care of their fabrics and keep the pieces they love looking new longer.”

The collaboration is an all-purpose formula designed for “everyday laundry,” delivering clothes that look, feel, and smell their absolute best. It’s made with high-performance, plant-derived ingredients that preserve color, soften, and remove stains to reveal beautifully maintained pieces. The fragrance has a smooth, earthy base with amber, sandalwood, and ambrette seed notes. It’s livened up with fresh notes of violet and lily of the valley, blending for something unique and beautiful, just like a KITH garment, “The summer collection at KITH included a lot of unique cotton clothes, which our formulas are designed to take care of,” said Russell. “The KITH x The Laundress formula cleans and preserves cotton fabrics, with active ingredients that help keep fibers smooth and colors true, so those KITH pieces look great for years to come.” The detergent is available for $35 in a 16fl oz bottle made for up to 32 washes.

The Laundress made waves in the laundry industry in 2002 with an innovative new formula to clean your beloved clothes. Founded by fashion industry alums Lindsey Boyd and Gwen Whiting, formerly of Chanel and Ralph Lauren, the duo proved that you could wash all types of fabrics – even the “dry clean only” ones – from the comfort of your own home. They spent two years researching the detergents they missed in their own routines, later developing a plant-based line of laundry and home products that have resulted in their collection of best-selling detergents and sprays, “When I walk down the laundry aisle at a supermarket, I am always left with the feeling that the Laundry category is ripe for innovation” said The Laundress’ CEO Brendan Taylor. “I see products that are ‘do it all’ detergents with this ubiquitous chemical-clean smell that we’ve been conditioned to think is the ‘smell of clean’. That makes me excited for the opportunity to give people something better – detergents that are designed to care for specific fabrics, with a fragrance that is perfume-quality and nuanced.” Today, they’re pioneering the laundry industry forward, incorporating eco-friendly formulas and fragrances into your everyday closet while reducing your carbon footprint and dry cleaning bill. Their formulas are dermatologist tested, free of petroleum, phthalates, paragons, and artificial color.

KITH joins a long list of other The Laundress collaborators – from John Mayer, to Le Labo, and Aromatherapy Associates. However, this collaboration marks the first marketed to a loyal fashion audience, something KITH is no stranger to. When asked about finding the perfect partnerships to propel the brand forward, Taylor said, “My brain says we need to partner with someone who can complement and strengthen our brand equity and introduce the brand to a new audience. My heart says to go with what feels right: when we connect, do we lose time thinking of cool ideas; do we excitedly tell our friends about who we get to work with? The key is to be flexible, be clear about what you will and won’t do as a brand, and say ‘yes’ more than you are comfortable with.”

So, what big tip do the masters of laundry have to share?“Take the few extra minutes needed to care for your investment pieces. And I don’t just mean the expensive ones – if you have a cheap vintage T that you love, take care of it,” said Royce. “Use products that aren’t going to destroy the fibers for the sake of a natural clean. Use something that will clean, preserve, and care for your garments. Believe me. Your clothes will reward you with years of style.”

Shop The Laundress x KITH is available now, exclusively in KITH stores and their website.

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