Michael Owen responds to Lionel Messi backing up his Liverpool Champions League claim

Michael Owen has hit back at fans who mocked him for insisting that Liverpool were the “best team in Europe” after their Champions League defeat by sharing a similar tweet from Lionel Messi.

The former Reds and Manchester United striker was savaged by fans online at the weekend after he boldly claimed that the Reds were still the best team in Europe – even though they were beaten 1-0 by Real Madrid in the European Cup final in Paris.

Speaking on BT Sport after Saturday night’s final, Owen said: “Real Madrid have got past them today, but you know as well as anyone that a one-off game is a one-off game. I still think [Liverpool are] the most fearsome team in Europe and they’ve not got any of the big two trophies to show for it, that’ll be the biggest pill to swallow.”

But just days after coming in for untold stick due to his controversial claim, Owen has hit back at his critics by sharing some similar comments from Messi on his social media account.

The Paris Saint-Germain star said: “The best team doesn’t always win. Real Madrid weren’t the best team in Europe this season, without taking any credit from them, even though they are the Champions League winners.” Owen responded by quote-tweeting Messi’s comments with the message: “And I got ridiculed for saying this. Enough said”.

Jurgen Klopp’s side headed into the final fortnight of the season with a chance of clinching an unprecedented quadruple of trophies. Ultimately though, the Reds were unable to add to the Carabao Cup and FA Cup trophies that they sealed earlier in the season.

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Liverpool came up short in last weekend's Champions League final

Liverpool came up short in last weekend’s Champions League final

Although Owen’s BT Sport colleague, Rio Ferdinand, rubbished Owen’s claim that the Reds were the best team in Europe at the weekend, talkSPORT pundit Simon Jordan agreed with Owen; insisting that Liverpool were a better side than Real Madrid.

Jordan told talkSPORT: “I think they’re feral, they’re electric, they’re almost undeniable. Liverpool are a better side than Real Madrid, I don’t care about individual games. I mean Chelsea beat Barcelona in the semi final of the Champions League when it was universally accepted that Barcelona were a better side. An individual game doesn’t mean a team is better.

“I think Liverpool from every aspect, from the goalkeeper to their centre forward, are a better side. They’re more aggressive, they’re easier on the eye and they’re more feral.

To me, there is something about Liverpool, not just because they’re an English club because I’m no fan of Liverpool football club. I believe in my mind they’re a better team than Real Madrid.”

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