Nate Diaz’s emotional plea in full as UFC star demands release from contract

Nate Diaz has begged once again to be released from his contract with the UFC.

Diaz has been embroiled in a heated dispute with the promotion for several weeks, having rejected the chance to sign a fresh deal and continue his career in the octagon. He has just one final fight remaining on his current deal but has yet to be found an opponent despite agreeing to face Dustin Poirier and Khamzat Chimaev.

The American star has made several public gestures to encourage his release from the UFC including posting an image of himself urinating on the promotion’s Performance Institute. Diaz has made a fresh emotional rant demanding that he is found a rival for his UFC curtain-call, claiming that he has asked for the most fights he has ever done in his career.

“I was trying to get this shit on the road, but they don’t want me out of contract and they’re keeping me in there and they’re holding me hostage. And I want out. That’s my main objective here,” Diaz began during a lengthy rant while assessing his UFC future on the MMA Hour. “They’re slow-rolling me, they’re trying to keep me under contract. And I’ve been doing all I can. I’ve never asked for so many fights in my life. Even right now, they’re not letting me get in there and finish my contract.

“I don’t want no more money. I want to go do different stuff. There’s stuff out there for me to do, and I went in there and talked to them, and it’s with all due respect. You’re not going to let me go? I’ve just to deal with this more like I’ve been, like repeatedly trying to get the f*** out? It’s my main concern every day. I train every day. I wake up and I train and I try to figure out how to deal with it.”

Several options are expected to be presented to Diaz upon his release from the UFC including a boxing fight with Jake Paul. Dana White has admitted that may now be Diaz’s best option despite the 37-year-old remaining contractually tied down to the promotion.

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Nate Diaz has demanded he is released by the UFC

Nate Diaz has demanded he is released by the UFC

Diaz has claimed he is ready to fight within the next two months to resolve his future and has called for “back-up” to help him deliver a final bow. “It’s nobody’s business, but now I’ve got to make it other people’s business because I need some backup here,” Diaz continued passionately.

“Can somebody tell these motherf****** to get me a fight? Anybody. Anyone. My patience is over. I’m done with it. I’m done with this s***. UFC, can I please have my last fight and be on my way? Give me anybody.

“I want to fight next month. July, August at the latest, and I want to be on my way. I’ll fight tonight. What am I going to do? I’m going to go sit in the courtroom with these fuckers? I don’t fucking do that. Let’s fucking fight and get me the hell out of here.”

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