Nick Kyrgios’ most disrespectful antics – water bottle sex act and ball boy racket scandal

Nick Kyrgios is making all the headlines at Wimbledon this year – and not for his performances with a tennis racket.

All the attention has been on the petulant 27-year-old, who has gone to war with pretty much everyone at this year’s tournament.

The Australian tennis star has lashed out at his opponents, umpires, line judges, journalists and spectators in the stands – with his outrageous behaviour being slammed by pundits and former pros.

Third-round opponent Stefanos Tsitsipas claimed he has an ‘evil side’ and labelled him a ‘bully’, a claim Kyrgios denies.

He was even hit with a $10,000 (around £8,200) fine after he admitted to spitting at a spectator during his first-round win, but it hasn’t stopped his progression through the tournament as he will play in the semi-finals.

But it’s certainly not the first time Kyrgios has found himself in hot water, as he’s been involved in a large number of scandalous moments both on and off the pitch.

Refusing to try

Nick Kyrgios' effort was questioned at Wimbledon in 2015

Nick Kyrgios’ effort was questioned at Wimbledon in 2015
Getty Images)

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It’s come full circle for Kyrgios, as one of his first controversies happened at Wimbledon back in 2015 when he was booed for refusing to try.

The tennis star was accused of giving up while being beaten by Richard Gasquet and he even quit the match to much frustration from the crowd.

He didn’t learn his lesson as the same thing happened again at the Shanghai Open the following year – at one stage walking off before opponent Mischa Zverev had even returned the ball.

After swearing he was told to act professionally by umpire Ali Nili, but replied: “Can you call time so I can finish this match and go home?'”

Kyrgios was slapped with a three-month ban and a £20,500 fine, but refused to apologise and claimed he didn’t owe anything to the fans.

“It’s my choice. If you don’t like it, I didn’t ask you to come watch. Just leave. You want to buy a ticket? Come watch me,” he said.

“You know I’m unpredictable. It’s your choice. I don’t owe you anything. Doesn’t affect how I sleep at night.”

Telling opponent his friend slept with his girlfriend

Kyrgios is known for his trash talking but he overstepped the line at the 2015 Montreal Masters.

While facing Stan Wawrinka in the second round, he told his Swiss opponent that his pal, fellow Aussie player Thanasi Kokkinaki, had slept with his girlfriend.

“Kokkinakis banged your girlfriend,” he said during the second set. “Sorry to tell you that, mate.”

Kyrgios was fined £10,000 and handed a 28-day suspended sentence for his controversial actions.

Taking to Twitter after the match, Wawrinka wrote: “So disappointing to see a fellow athlete and colleague be so disrespectful in a way could never even imagine. To [stoop] so low is not only unacceptable but also beyond belief.”

Complaining about music

Kyrgios during his match against Wawrinka in 2015

Kyrgios during his match against Wawrinka in 2015
Getty Images)

The Aussie had a row over music

The Aussie had a row over music
Getty Images)

During the Australian Open in 2016, Kyrgios lost the plot during his defeat to Tomas Berdych.

He started swearing, threw his racket across the court and started complaining at his own box about a lack of vocal support.

But the strangest moment happened when he stopped just before he was going to serve in the second set – because the music was too loud.

The tunes weren’t actually coming from inside the court, as the sound was travelling over from the neighbouring MCG which was hosting cricket’s Big Bash League semi-final.

He told the umpire: “Mate, are you OK? There’s music playing in the crowd while we are playing. I’ve told you seven times. Am I hearing things? Am I hearing things? Mate, it’s a circus.”

Kyrgios would later call British umpire James Keothavong “a terrible referee” and mutter: “It’s a f****** joke.”

Demanding beer on court

He was thirsty

He was thirsty
CameraSport via Getty Images)

Most tennis players take on board some water or an energy drink during a match, but Kyrgios wanted something a little stronger at the 2017 French Open.

During his defeat to Kevin Anderson in the second round, he smashed two rackets then asked a spectator to get him a boozy beverage.

“Get me a beer now. Honest to God, get me one now,” he exclaimed.

When the fan asked if he was kidding, the fired-up Aussie replied: “I don’t think so,”

Water bottle sex act mimicking

Kyrgios' X-rated water bottle stunt

Kyrgios’ X-rated water bottle stunt

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, Kyrgios started mimicking an X-rated sex act at Queens in 2018.

He was making the gesture towards the players box using a water bottle – holding it towards his groin then pretending to perform a sex act.

Kyrgios finished the spectacle by spraying a load of water into the air before taking a sip of water and grinning.

There was no happy ending for the tennis star as he lost the match to Marin Cilic and was fined £13,000.

Kicking off over towel colour

Towels have caused some carnage

Towels have caused some carnage

It’s well-known that Kyrgios likes to throw tantrums over the smallest things, but this one really does take it too far.

Back in 2019 at Rogers Cup, the diva refused to use a tournament-branded towel and demanded he was given a white one instead.

“I just want to know why it took you so long to get a white towel,” Kyrgios asked officials, having refused to play until the matter was sorted.

“Took you 20 minutes for this one. 20 minutes. Oh, you brought me two. Thanks.”

He also got into a dispute over towels at this year’s Australian Open, so it’s clearly a trigger point.

Near-miss with ballboy

He almost hit a ball boy with his racket

He almost hit a ball boy with his racket
@Tennis 360/Youtube / @Best tennis/Youtube)

What didn’t happen at Indian Wells in March this year.

All the usual antics were in there, including throwing rackets, shouting at umpires and mouthing off at fans.

He even dragged Hollywood actor Ben Stiller into the mix when he was heckled by a fan, asking: “Do I tell him how to act? No.”

But his most shocking moment came when he nearly hit a ball boy with a tennis racket during his defeat to Rafael Nadal in the quarter-finals.

Kyrgios launched his racket at the wall and the ball boy had to duck for cover.

Apologising afterwards, he wrote: “I just want to apologise to that ball kid at the end of the match.

“It was a complete accident and was frustrated at the end of the match. My racket took a crazy bounce and was never my intention. If anyone knows who that ball kid is, send me a message and I will send a racket to him. I’m glad he’s OK!”

Miami open meltdown

Kyrgios was slamming his racket again

Kyrgios was slamming his racket again
Getty Images)

Kyrgios really lost the plot during his fourth round defeat to Jannik Sinner at the Miami Open in March.

Having complained about the court speed and the noise from a walkie talkie, he was then handed a point penalty in the tie-break for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Furious Kyrgios was also handed a game penalty for smashing his racket into his chair and shouted: “Get rid of every single staff and start over. I’ll run the sport. I could do a hundred times better job.”

He called umpire Carlos Bernardes an “absolute clown” and refused to shake hands with him before storming off court.

“If you are being booed by the crowd you are not doing a good job. I’ve never been part of a match where the umpire has been hated so much. The ATP don’t give a f***,” he said afterwards.

“How much do I bring to the sport? That’s the problem with tennis is that it doesn’t protect our stars at all. We love to outcast them.

“The ATP never defends their players and stands up to them. I am used to it, have been used to it my whole career and it sucks.

“I have one incident where I threw a racket which didn’t hit anyone, I know it can be dangerous but I went back the next day and apologised to the kid the next day. He will remember that for the rest of his life.

“Me, my girlfriend, my team all have to deal with the bad comments and the ATP don’t give a f***.”

Kyrgios was given four fines totalling £26,500 for verbal abuse, an audible obscenity, and two counts of unsportsmanlike conduct.

Spitting at fan

Nick Kyrgios has been fined $10,000 for spitting at a Wimbledon spectator

Nick Kyrgios has been fined $10,000 for spitting at a Wimbledon spectator
BBC Sport)

Kyrgios has been at the centre of a lot of controversy at this year’s Wimbledon – but his most disgusting has been spitting towards a spectator.

When asked if he deliberately spat in the direction of a fan, he confessed: “Of one of the people disrespecting me. Yes.

“Yes. I would not be doing that to someone who was supporting me. Someone just yelled out I was s*** in the crowd today. Is that normal?”

Claiming the supporter was there just to “stir up some disrespect”, he added: “That’s fine, but if I give it back to you, that’s just how it is.”

During his first-round win over Brit Paul Jubb, the Aussie also called a female line judge a ‘snitch’ and claimed some of the officials were too old to do their jobs.

On whether he regretted his words, Kyrgios said: “No. Why? That’s what she did. I didn’t do anything and she went to the umpire and told her something that I didn’t say. That’s called whistleblowing.”

As a result, he received a $10,000 fine, which is around £8,200, for his scandalous actions on court.

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