Nine-year-old boxer breaks down in tears during phone call with idol Jake Paul

A nine-year-old boxer whose favourite fighter is Jake Paul broke down in tears after an emotional phone call with the YouTuber.

Paul is one of the more divisive figures in the boxing world, but has a younger fanbase as evidenced by a fan named Xavier. The fight fan decided to start boxing after being bullied in school and watching the social media star’s own career, where he is 5-0 as a professional.

Social media sensation Charlie Rocket shared a video showing him arranging a video call with Paul as a present after learning of his interest in the boxer. He posted a lengthy message next to the video, where he detailed how Xavier’s mother has to undergo chemotherapy for multiple sclerosis.

“Meet Xavier,” Rocket said in an Instagram post. “He used to get bullied at school. That’s why he wants to be a boxer. Xavier is nine and he literally walks to the gym from school everyday to train! He told me he wants to be like Jake Paul because he’s a boxer and also used to get bullied.

“He broke down in tears when I asked him about the bullying. His mom is also suffering from multiple sclerosis and she has to do chemotherapy and she has been selling food to try and help raise money to send Xavier to an upcoming tournament he wants to be in.

“It costs $3000.They only raised $1000 and it’s less than a month away, so we got Xavier all new equipment and paid off the rest of the money so he can go to his tournament!”

It was after Xavier was signed up for the boxing tournament that they gave him his biggest surprise, however. Knowing Paul was his favourite boxer, Rocket pulled some strings with members of his team and managed to get the YouTube star on the phone.

There, Paul agreed to fly Xavier out to his next fight, which takes place on August 13 with Houston as a potential venue. “We also had one more big surprise,” the post continued. ” Jake Paul Facetimed him!

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“He just burst into tears, and Jake had one another surprise for Xavier… He is flying him out to his fight on August 13 so he can meet him and watch the fight! Xavier you’re going to Houston!

“Thank you Jake Paul for making his dream come true, this was such a special moment. And thank you Lukis Mac [Paul’s breathing coach] for helping make this happen!

“Xavier you’re going to win this tournament! You’ve got the whole dream team and the army of love behind you now! You’re a superstar in the making!”

Paul has yet to name an opponent for his boxing return. Former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva, rugby legend Sonny Bill Williams and Love Island star Tommy Fury are the frontrunners, but no announcement has been made as yet.

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