Novak Djokovic net worth as Serb bids to close gap on Rafael Nadal record at Wimbledon

Novak Djokovic has always insisted he’s motivated by legacy and not money, but his iconic achievements have undoubtedly earned him his fair share of prize-funds.

The Serbian star goes into his Wimbledon final against Nick Kyrgios on Friday just one win away from a 21st Grand Slam crown, and a £2 million winners bonus to boot. The former may be where his main focus lies, as he bids to close the gap on rival Rafael Nadal, who sits on a record-breaking 22.

It could have been the Spaniard who he faced in the final on Sunday, but he was forced to withdraw from his semi-final clash with the Australian due to injury. And whilst it’s Nadal who will still edge the top seed in major titles regardless of what happens, Djokovic holds a slender advantage in the financial stakes.

Net worth

In professional sport, great success brings great rewards, and the net worth of Djokovic reflects that. According to, he boasts a figure of £179 million, marginally above Nadal.

It isn’t however, the biggest in tennis history, or surprisingly, even of players at this current Wimbledon tournament. Ion Tiriac, Roger Federer, and Serena Williams all currently rank better.

In the star’s defence, Tiriac, Federer, and Williams have all built up their wealth by exploring business opportunities during retirement or breaks from the sport. Djokovic’s own time away from tennis this year, following his refusal to be vaccinated from Covid-19, perhaps wasn’t so lucrative.

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Career earnings

By the end of 2021 Djokovic, 35, had made himself a massive £124 million in career earnings – the highest of any player in history. In different circumstances, that figure would no doubt have been severely boosted already in 2022.

However, the controversy over his stance on being jabbed has cost him further funds. Following an explosive visa saga, he was deported out of Victoria the day before the Australian Open began. He was also forced to miss American-based events at Indian Wells and Miami for the same reason.

As it stands, he won’t travelling to compete in the US Open in July either. It’s not only his longing to win more Grand Slams than any other player that has been hit by his views on Covid-19, but his pocket as well.

Endorsements and investments

Inevitably, the all-time great is in demand with leading companies, and currently has apparel brand Lacoste among his leading sponsors. He wears Asics shoes on court, and also has deals with Head, NetJets, Seiko Watch Corporation, and Peugeot.

But he’s not been averse to his own venture, with his Family Sport company, which initially focused on hospitality when launched in 2005, ever expanding. Novak Cafe & Restaurant branches were soon created, and the organisation soon began running tennis tournaments.

Not all investments have been a success though. He’s tried launching his own food products, called Djokolife, which didn’t take off and a vegan restaurant in Monte Carlo, opened in 2016, soon closed. Djokovic also has an 80% stake in biotech firm QuantBioRes, which claims to be developing a drug to treat patients who have contracted Covid.

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