Rhys Thomas Is Now Set To Direct The Live-Action ‘Robotech’ Movie

What with the decades long legal battle regarding Macross and Robotech now resolved, Sony has seemingly restarted its live-action Robotech movie project by bringing on Rhys Thomas to direct the film.

According to Deadline, Rhys Thomas of Hawkeye fame is now set to direct this live-action movie adaptation of Robotech. This is at least the third change of director for the project, with Andy Muschietti and James Wan previously set to helm the movie.

The movie itself has also been in production hell for a long time, so whether we will actually get actual movie this time around remains to be seen.

However, the fact that the legal issues surrounding Robotech are now seemingly resolved may mean this movie could happen after all.

If you are unfamiliar with the history of Robotech, the original cartoon series was a mishmash of three disparate anime series from Japan, that of Macross, Southern Cross and MOSPEADA.

While those series lacked any common narrative thread between them, Robotech stitched them together into a new story. That said, the first part of Robotech was still very close to the original Macross in terms of the plot and characters.

The original rights for Macross were also very complicated and they weren’t properly resolved until April last year.

Like with all live-action adaptations of anime that involved Hollywood, I am not overly optimistic that this will turn out all that well. Not least because the mecha design is such an integral part of the original series.

Admittedly, they could hire Shoji Kawamori to design the mecha for this new Robotech adaptation, as he penned the original designs in Macross as well as being one of the show’s original creators, but I doubt people in Hollywood are that savvy.

Instead, I am preparing for the worst yet again, not to mention some truly disappointing mecha designs.

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