Russian neo-Nazi who weighs 320lb stops ex-UFC star Antonio Silva in boxing fight

Former UFC star Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva was knocked out for the second time in two weeks last night during a boxing match.

The Brazilian fought Viacheslav Datsik in Moscow as part of the main event of Hardcore Boxing, a new Russian promotion. Datsik is a known follower of the white supremacist organisation called the Slavic Union, but it didn’t deter event organisers from putting him in the ring for his first fight since a 2019 kickboxing loss to Jerome Le Banner.

He dropped Silva right at the end of the first, though the punch came way after the bell and the fight moved into the second, with no knockdown ruled. And it was then that things began to look bad for Silva, who was unable to recover and found himself cornered early.

At that point, the Russian began to unload in the corner as his rival looked to be putting up minimal defence. Silva took a massive amount of punishment without reply until eventually the referee had to step in and hand him his tenth consecutive combat sports loss.

Just two weeks prior, Silva had taken on Oleg Popov at the Dvorets Sporta in Moscow, as part of MMA Series 53. He was viciously stopped within just 18 seconds, and fans have called for the Brazilian to stop fighting for his own good.

In all competitions, he is 2-13 with one no contest over the past decade, after at one point being considered a top heavyweight in Strike Force and the UFC. He has been in the octagon with legendary world champions like Frank Mir and Daniel Cormier and even beat the great Fedor Emelianenko at one point.

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The legendary Russian fighter was in attendance to commentate on the fight. And despite feeling hard-done-by when his bout against silva was stopped over ten years ago, he seemed concerned for his old rival.

There have been calls for Silva to give up the sport after his recent losing record, which includes these two knockout stoppages in a short number of weeks. Generally in America or the UK, if a fighter is stopped in such vicious fashion, they’ll be suspended for a few weeks, but it appears that Silva was allowed to compete again in Russia quickly.

Datsik has spent over nine years of his life in prison for various arrests, and is a known member of white supremacist groups. He once escaped from jail, but was found and locked up again and his fighting career has taken a hit through his incarcerations.

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