Ryan Giggs’ ex tells jury he ‘wanted to hurt her’ as he ‘heatbutted her in face’

Ryan Giggs’ ex-partner Kate Greville said that the former Manchester United star “looked me straight in the eyes and headbutted me in the face” after she tried to move out of his house as she gave evidence in the trial of Britain’s most decorated footballer.

The 36-year-old PR executive took to the stand on day two of Giggs’ trial after the jury of seven women and five men were shown a 105-minute police interview, recorded on November 18, 2020, in which Greville spoke of “red flags” in their relationship that included Giggs “flipping” on more than one occasion in hotel rooms.

Giggs is accused of assaulting Greville and her younger sister, Emma Greville, on November 1, 2020, with a further charge relating to controlling and coercive behaviour towards Kate Greville between 2017 and November 2020.

He denies all charges.

Under examination from Peter Wright QC, on behalf of the CPS, Greville said that she could instantly feel her lip swelling and taste blood after being headbutted on the night of November 1, 2020.

Giggs was back in court for day two of his trial in Manchester

The jury heard that she had decided to leave Giggs for good at the end of an on-off relationship that began in 2014.

“I was waiting until he had gone on camp [with the Wales national team], so he was out of the area,” she told the court. “I had signed for a flat in secret and I planned to speak to a lawyer about the dog.”

But Giggs returned home while she and her sister were packing belongings into her car. Giggs blocked her vehicle with his own Range Rover.

Greville told the court: “I was pleading with him to let me go. ‘Please, please, please let me go – I just want to go.’ He was very angry. I hadn’t seen him that angry before. He kept saying, ‘I’m going to make sure you never see that dog again.’ I was very upset because he was my absolute world, that dog.”

Inside the house the argument became physical, she said. “He was pinning me down. I was shouting to my sister for help: ‘Get him off me’. I said, ‘Emma, please help get him off me’. She grabbed him by the waist.”

The court heard Giggs' ex Kate Greville's police interview

The court heard Giggs’ ex Kate Greville’s police interview
Kate Greville/Twitter)

Greville later told the jury that Giggs had "headbutted her in the face" leaving her tasting blood

Greville later told the jury that Giggs had “headbutted her in the face” leaving her tasting blood
Kate Greville/Twitter)

Greville said Giggs left the house but had possession of her phone. When Giggs returned, she said, he claimed that he was calling the police and was going to accuse Greville of “being a psycho.”

Greville then told him that he was glad the police were on their way – leading to him allegedly headbutting her.

“That’s when he came towards me and headbutted me in the face,” she said. “He came at me from nowhere, grabbed me by the shoulders and headbutted me.

“I said: ‘I can’t believe you’ve just done that’. I was in shock. I fell backwards. My lip instantly swelled and I could taste the blood. He deliberately wanted to hurt me. He looked me straight in the eyes and headbutted me in the face.”

The jury has already heard evidence of how Greville felt “violated” by Giggs and “had to pander to all his needs because if I didn’t he’d threaten me with things, my job, and it was going to cause an issue with my job and career” as a series of messages were read out in which Giggs referred to her as “an utter c***.”

An artist’s portrait of Ryan Giggs as Kate Greville’s police interview is played in court.

Speaking behind a screen that only made her visible to the jury, Judge Hilary Manley, Wright and Chris Daw QC, on behalf of the defence, Greville said she had been suffering from anxiety and had panic attacks during their relationship.

Greville said she “constantly felt attacked by him” and detailed how he would send her personal messages that left her “embarrassed and humiliated.”

One message from Giggs to Greville said she was “an evil, horrible c***” and “you don’t deserve to be a parent”.

Responding to a question from the prosecution, an audibly upset Greville said: “I really wanted to have children, I was desperate to be a mum. He knew how to hurt me.”

Giggs would call Greville “Stacey”, the name of his ex-wife. “That was like his ultimate insult,” Greville said. “He knew that would really upset me. He would say it quite a lot. He would say she used to make his life hell and I was just like her.”

At another point Giggs accused Greville of having a separate relationship with a work colleague, while she was employed by a company part-owned by Giggs, and he threatened to bring it up in a work WhatsApp group.

“It scared me,” Greville told the court. “When he threatened that, it scared me. He could have said anything because he wasn’t very rational. Something to embarrass me, humiliate me.”

On another occasion, after they had blocked each other on messenger services, Giggs emailed Greville with “blackmail” as the subject line with an attachment. Greville then said that Giggs “randomly” sent her a naked picture of himself.

Giggs sent an email to Greville with "blackmail" as the subject line

Giggs sent an email to Greville with “blackmail” as the subject line
(Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images))

During the police interview, Greville claimed that she learned Giggs was having an affair with eight different women when she decided to move out of his home during the first Covid-19 lockdown in 2020 and detailed how he would react angrily to accusations of him seeing other women throughout their relationship.

She alleges that in 2017 Giggs dragged her out of a Dubai hotel room while she was naked after she accused Giggs of seeing another woman.

And in Christmas 2019, she told the police officer, Giggs kicked her in the back as she got into bed before throwing a bag containing her laptop at her head in a London hotel room following an argument after a night out.

In relation to the alleged incident in 2017, Greville told the police officer: “We got back to the hotel room [from a nightclub], and I said something and again he flipped.

“I had no clothes on, he grabbed me by my wrist, so hard, dragged me into the lounge bit, grabbed my on the floor, all my suitcase and threw it all into the corridor and then shut the door. I was just there naked, all my stuff in the corridor. I got all my stuff back in and got back into bed – I had to get my stuff with a towel wrapped around me.”

The relationship continued, with Greville detailing that she had suspicions Giggs was seeing a number of other women and describing her own behaviour as “naive” and “gullible.”

She said Giggs was further angered following a night out in London around Christmas of 2019. Greville said: “I took all my clothes off, got into bed. He kicked me in the back so hard that I flew off the bed and landed on the floor. I was like, ‘what’s just happened’.

Greville gave evidence on day two of Giggs' trial

Greville gave evidence on day two of Giggs’ trial

“He grabbed me again, into the suite bit of the room, got my bag with my laptop in and threw it at my head. He left me naked in the lounge bit.

“Ten minutes later, he grabbed me takes me back to bed and wants to have sex. I remember waking up in the morning, I woke up and you don’t instantly remember what happened.

“I remember asking him, ‘did you throw my bag at my head?’ and he was like ‘yeah, because you accused me of flirting, you made me do it, you make me so angry that you made me do that. It’s bad for me how angry you make me, you need to be careful of that’.”

Greville said she woke up with a bump on her head from the laptop bag.

At the beginning of the police interview Greville said that she met Giggs in 2013 when working for a PR agency that was hired by a company part-owned by the footballer.

Greville said that she and Giggs would talk about their unhappy marriages and they began to have an affair after she called to a hotel room he was staying in to have a shirt signed.

“It was like I met my best friend, the one to save me from my marriage,” Greville said. “He’d say I was his soulmate. It was more than a sexual thing.” She described their early relationship as “like a love story from the movies” and believed that they were “passionately in love.”

The trial continues.

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