Shrewsbury “disgusted” as Charlton fan arrested for alleged racial abuse at goalkeeper

Shrewsbury Town say they are “disgusted” after racist abuse was allegedly hurled at their player Marko Marosi on Saturday.

An incident involving the goalkeeper led to a stoppage in play during Shrewsbury’s League One game away at Charlton Athletic on Saturday. Marosi was defending a goal in front of Charlton fans when the referee Sam Purkiss paused the game.

The individual involved was ejected from the ground and Charlton have said they are supporting police with their investigations. A club statement from Shrewsbury said: “Shrewsbury Town Football Club is disgusted to hear reports about the alleged vile racist abuse that Marko Marosi was subjected to during Town’s Sky Bet League One fixture against Charlton Athletic.

“The Club is pleased that Marko reported the abuse immediately to the match officials and quickly pointed out the offender. We hope the individual is educated and dealt with appropriately. Shrewsbury Town would like to stress that this is an isolated incident and does not reflect the good, loyal fanbase of Charlton Athletic.

“We hope the individual learns that this abhorrent verbal abuse will not be tolerated anywhere in football or in any walk of life. Shrewsbury Town stands together against discrimination and we stand with Marko. We will provide Marko with any support he needs and we will do everything within our power to ensure this incident is dealt with appropriately.”

A statement from Charlton said: “An individual has been arrested by police and is in custody. The club are supporting the police with their investigations. The club has a zero-tolerance policy towards any form of discrimination. We have a long history of promoting equality and tackling discrimination. Discrimination has no place at this club or in football.”

Shrewsbury boss Steve Cotterill condemned the abuse. Speaking after the match, which Charlton won 2-0, he told reporters: “Something was said. He (Marosi) had something shouted at him, I’m not prepared to repeat that on camera because if I did repeat it, it would be very offensive and everybody would say ‘why has he said what he said?’

“It was very offensive, certainly not timely, in this moment, with what’s going on in the world. It’s not timely – and also to get his nationality right would be handy. He’s OK. It’s not a nice thing to happen to him today, I don’t know if it’s the first time to happen to him in his career.”

Shrewsbury goalkeeper Marko Marosi was subjected to alleged racist abuse in their game at Charlton

Shrewsbury goalkeeper Marko Marosi was subjected to alleged racist abuse in their game at Charlton

Cotterill continued: “You can’t legislate for a couple of fools in the crowd. Charlton Athletic have been a proper club. I don’t think Marko will press charges, I think it’s probably best he lets it go otherwise he’s going to be targeted. It was more about getting the person out the ground for what he said to Marko. It’s just not acceptable in this day and age.

“Unfortunately it then reflects on the good folk of Charlton Athletic and their club. It shouldn’t and hopefully it won’t.”

Addicks’ boss Johnnie Jackson said of the incident: “He (referee) said there had been an incident in the crowd. The goalkeeper had made an accusation and they needed to deal with it. That’s as far as I know about it.

“Obviously, it’s a delicate situation and matter so it’s probably best not to speculate. The club will look into it and deal with it as they see fit. I believe it was an allegation of racism. That’s what the referee said.”

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