Sony’s New ‘Spider-Man’ Movie Is Weirder Than Any Leak

This past week, a new “leak” purported to know where Sony was going with its next few Spider-Man universe movies. In addition to details about the already-announced Kraven the Hunter, Madame Web and Venom 3 movies, there were reports that they were attempting to do movies based on Silver Sable and Nightwatch as well.

And yet, sometimes, the truth is stranger than rumor.

Sony has announced its newest Spider-Man universe movie and it’s not anything listed in that leak. It’s far weirder, an El Muerto movie starring Bad Bunny.

Who? What? Why?

You probably know Bad Bunny, the explosively popular music artist that Sony will now tout as the first Latino actor leading a Marvel movie. His casting is somewhat weird to begin with, and yet the character he’s playing is even stranger. El Muerto is a wrestler who has his powers passed down to him generationally. He fought Spider-Man and then eventually teamed up with him, and his comic appearances have been extremely minimal to the point where everyone is wondering why on earth Sony is making this movie at all. I literally don’t think El Muerto has ever appeared in more than a scarce handful of Spider-Man issues…ever.

Again, Sony keeps making these random Spider-Man movies in order to not lose the rights to the universe, which will revert back to Marvel if they ever stop for any length of time. That’s why we’re getting three Venom movies, Morbius and all these other random villain movies, but Sony is struggling trying to figure out how to get their own Spider-Man in these films (presumably one will not appear in El Muerto either). Tom Holland is affixed deep into the MCU at this point and Disney is not going to want him to appear in movies like Morbius or El Muerto, certainly. There were rumors that Sony was going to try to get Andrew Garfield back as Peter Parker, but that hasn’t happened, and the latest rumor says he actually has turned them down outright.

It’s a bizarre situation but truly nothing has felt more random than this El Muerto announcement with Bad Bunny. I suppose the only thing that makes some moderate amount of sense here is that Bad Bunny has some interest in wrestling, as he has been at Wrestlemania in the past as a special guest star, but again, I would love to know how this got pitched, approved and announced, and what on earth this final film will look like. We’re supposed to find out in January, 2024.

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