‘Stranger Things’ Showrunners Now Regret Killing Off A Character, Again

Stranger Things has kept pretty much all of its core cast members alive over the years, including the entire group of main kids, Joyce and Hopper. But usually at least once a season someone dies, and season 4 was no exception. Following in the footsteps of Barb and Billy, new character Chrissy was killed as the first sacrifice to Vecna at the beginning of season 4.

Turns out the showrunners now have some…regrets about that. They talk about how they already filmed and shot Chrissy’s death scene before they ended up shooting the rather sweet “drug deal” scene between her and Eddie in the woods, where they hadn’t realized the two would have so much chemistry.

Here’s what they had to say to TVLine:

“We always have those moments [of ‘What have we done?’]. We shot the quote-unquote drug-deal scene in the woods pretty late, actually, into shooting,” Matt said. Ross added, “we had already killed Chrissy when we shot that.” “The scene came alive in a way that was just so beautiful,” Matt continued.

This is the second time that the Duffer brothers have spoken about regretting killing off a character they liked, and they bring him up yet again here. That would be Bob, played by Sean Astin, who died two seasons back now:

“When we killed Bob in Season 2, I didn’t want to do that. We had fallen in love with both the character and Sean Astin. And Sean didn’t want to die. Winona Ryder didn’t want him to die.”

However, they claim that these two may return in uh, some form:

“But we’ll find something else to do with Grace, something else to do with Sean.”

I’m not sure whether the implication there is that these characters could return in season 5 of Stranger Things itself as some sort of flashback or dream, or if they mean other, future projects that they work on after Stranger Things. We did already see the return of Billy, post-death, in the now famous fourth episode, Dear Billy, where he appears to his sister and tries to convince her that she was actually relieved that he died.

As for Chrissy, I did find her to be a standout when she first appeared, as she was given a surprising amount of depth for being a brand new character, and actress Grace Van Dien gave a great performance despite not being around that long. Instead it was her boyfriend who got all the screen time attempting to avenge her death against forces he didn’t understand.

We’ll see if Chrissy returns here, or elsewhere. Bob too, it seems.

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