Superyacht Spotlight: 263-Foot-Long Amels 80 Makes Global Debut In Steve-Jobs-Introduces-The-iPhone Fashion

The theatrics, spectacle, and let’s face it—the global hype—that Steve Jobs brought to Apple’s product launches are legendary. But after witnessing the highly anticipated digital launch of the new Amels 80 Limited Edition yacht for myself last week, the Dutch superyacht specialists at Damen Yachting may be ready to give the undisputed master of product launches a run for his money!

And after Amels clients, journalists and fans from around the globe tuned in live to watch the launch, I was not surprised to learn that interest in this elegantly modern yacht is through the roof—of the massive Amsterdam Theater—where the event was streamed out to thousands of people around the world.

Trusted Amels collaborator, exterior designer and naval architect Espen Øino, and his Monaco-based team created the exterior design to combine nature’s beauty and Amels hard-earned reputation for quality.

“The Amels 80 is a design that will not age,” Espen Øino said at the launch. “Her modern strong lines will look as good in 10 years as the day she departs the yard. She is a big ship, full of features, with an impressive interior volume. She is everything and more that you will expect from an 80-metre yacht. There is a sense of scale, but nothing is wasted.”

Meanwhile the interior concept was designed by Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design. It was cool to see that this first collaboration between the Dutch studio and Amels had special meaning for Rose Damen as well as the entire Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design team.

“The Amels 80 marks the first collaboration between Sinot and Amels,” said Sinot interior designer Paul Costerus. “A project which provided us with the opportunity to develop something truly unique. You will feel at home from the moment you step on board.”

“As you can see, nature’s timeless beauty with our hard-earned Amels reputation for quality is the inspiration behind the Amels 80,” Rose Damen said at the event. “A yacht what which truly shows that evolution is in our nature. Some of my warmest family memories are those whiles being on the water. My dad took us all over the world, to the most inspiring places. I know that the sea will connect us across generations. Soon I will take my children to explore the oceans. It would be our great honor to build on nature’s timeless beauty to create your personal memories of the sea with your family and friends.”

And finally, in addition to the sky-high production value, the live launch also featured an impressive, 26-foot-long (1:10 scale) model of the Amels 80 to provide insight of the new yacht that also allowed designers to reference while describing their design philosophy. The model also provides a great illustration of just how big a 263-foot-long superyacht is! It’s 2-feet longer, 5-feet taller, and much more voluminous than the sailboat I lived on when I was much much younger and tougher than I am now!

The first Amels 80 is scheduled to launch in 2025 and I have a feeling that will be a bit of a spectacle too!

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