The Best New Movies And Shows To Stream On Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Disney+ And Paramount+ This Week

If you’re like me, then you have multiple subscriptions to several different streaming platforms—which are all constantly adding new movies. Which begs the question each successive week: What do I watch?

For me, it helps to have all of those new films in one place. So in this article, I’ll run through the biggest new movies on major stream platforms, such as Netflix
, Amazon
Prime, Hulu, HBO, Disney+, Apple
TV+, Peacock, and Paramount+.

At the end of the article, you can find a full list of all the new films available to stream this week.

Hustle (Netflix)

After a down-on-his-luck basketball scout discovers an extraordinary player abroad, he brings the phenom back without his team’s approval.

No Time to Die (Amazon Prime)

James Bond is enjoying a tranquil life in Jamaica after leaving active service. However, his peace is short-lived as his old CIA friend, Felix Leiter, shows up and asks for help. The mission to rescue a kidnapped scientist turns out to be far more treacherous than expected, leading Bond on the trail of a mysterious villain who’s armed with a dangerous new technology.

Irma Vep: Series Premiere (HBO Max)

Mira, an American movie star who is disillusioned by her career and a recent breakup, comes to France to star as “Irma Vep” in a remake of the French silent film classic “Les Vampires.”

Allied (Paramount+)

Max Vatan (Brad Pitt) and Marianne Beauséjour (Marion Cotillard) are World War II operatives who never reveal their true identities. After falling in love during a risky mission, they hope to leave all that double-dealing behind them and start new lives. Instead, suspicion and danger envelop their marriage as both husband and wife become pitted against each other in an escalating, potentially lethal test that has global consequences.

Ms. Marvel: Series Premiere (Disney+)

Kamala is a superhero fan with an imagination, particularly when it comes to Captain Marvel; Kamala feels like she doesn’t fit in at school and sometimes even at home, that is until she gets superpowers like the heroes she’s looked up to.

Every new movie and show you can stream this week


  • Straight Up (June 5)
  • Action Pack: Season 2 (June 6)
  • Bill Burr Presents: Friends Who Kill (June 6)
  • That’s My Time with David Letterman (June 7)
  • Baby Fever (June 8)
  • Gladbeck: The Hostage Crisis (June 8)
  • Hustle (June 8)
  • Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey (June 8)
  • Rhythm + Flow France (June 9)
  • Stand Out: An LGBTQ+ Celebration (June 9)
  • Chickenhare and the Hamster of Darkness (June 10)
  • Closet Monster (June 10)
  • Dirty Daddy: The Bob Saget Tribute (June 10)
  • First Kill (June 10)
  • Intimacy (June 10)
  • Peaky Blinders: Season 6 (June 10)
  • Top Gear: Season 27 (June 10)
  • Top Gear: Season 28 (June 10)
  • Trees of Peace (June 10)
  • Vice (June 10)
  • Amy Schumer’s Parental Advisory (June 11)


  • Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues (June 5)
  • Fairfax S2 (June 10)
  • No Time to Die (June 10)


  • Intrigo: Dear Agnes (June 5)
  • Hotel Hell, Complete Series (June 6)
  • American Ninja Warrior, Season 14 Premiere (June 7)
  • Vida, Complete Seasons 1-2 (June 7)
  • The Accursed (June 7)
  • Between Me And My Mind (June 7)
  • Queens of Pain (June 7)
  • Killer Cases, Complete Season 2 (June 8)
  • The Dog Knight (June 9)
  • Indemnity (June 9)
  • Undercover Boss, Complete Seasons 8-10 (June 10)
  • Here Before (June 11)
  • Warhunt (June 11)


  • Doctor Who: Season 13 (June 6)
  • Irma Vep: Series Premiere (June 6)
  • Total Dramarama: Season 3A
  • The Janes (June 8)
  • Amsterdam: Season 1 Premiere (June 9)
  • Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain (June 9)
  • Summer Camp Island: Season 6 Premiere (June 9)
  • The Card Counter (June 10)
  • Naomi (June 10)
  • Odo: Season 3 (June 10)
  • Victor and Valentino: Season 3B (June 10)


  • Ms. Marvel: Series Premiere (June 8)
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi: Part IV (June 8)
  • Baymax Dreams: Seasons 1-2 (June 8)
  • Incredible Dr. Pol: Season 20 (June 8)
  • Ultra Violet & Black Scorpion: Season 1 (June 8)
  • Beyond Infinity: Buzz and the Journey to Lightyear (June 10)

Apple TV+

  • For All Mankind: Season 3 (June 10)


  • Allied (June 11)
  • [email protected]: Seasons 1-3 (June 11)
  • The Challenge: All Stars – Season 3 Premiere (June 11)

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