‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’ Gets A Shiny New Trailer But Everyone Is Still Weirded Out By Chris Pratt’s Voice

The latest trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie has dropped and it’s genuinely quite special. This actually looks like it will capture the magic that makes the Super Mario games so special, all except for Chris Pratt’s voice.

The trailer (shown below) introduces more of the characters in the movie, from Luigi to Princess Peach, all of whom sound spot on, but Chris Pratt’s rendition of Mario is seriously rubbing people up the wrong way.

The odd “letsa go” and “woohoo” is not enough to placate fans of the games, almost all of which think Charles Martinet should have been given the part.

That aside, the reveal of both Mario Kart and the Rainbow Road are pretty neat, not to mention the various power ups and actual platforming seem to nail everything that the Super Mario games are about.

It’s a real shame, as this movie looks like it will be great, but its titular casting may undo all of that.

However, the English casting is not the only weird thing here. The Japanese voice cast includes Mamoru Miyano as Mario and Tomokazu Seki as Toad. Both are great voice actors, but aren’t exactly what you would expect for a Super Mario movie.

In any case, casting aside it looks like as with all video game related movie adaptations, The Super Mario Bros. Movie still has its work cut out for it if it wants to appeal to the massive gaming fanbase.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie will be released in theaters on April 7.

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