Today, ‘Stranger Things’ Went Where No Netflix Show Has Gone Before

In many ways, it felt like the time for Stranger Things had passed. After all, the show hadn’t been #1 on Netflix’s
Top 10 list since July 21. And last week, the fourth season pulled in just 57.7 million hours of watch time—easily the show’s worst performance yet in 2022.

But believe it or not, Stranger Things has continued to remain a daily hot commodity on Netflix. And today in particular, the show accomplished a feat never before seen by another other Netflix program.

With today’s third-place finish, it marks the 79th consecutive day that Stranger Things has appeared on the Top 10 charts. That is the longest streak of any TV show ever since Netflix introduced the Top 10 list back in February 2020.

Here are the ten longest streaks ever for adult television shows:

  1. Stranger Things – 79 days
  2. The Queen’s Gambit – 78 days
  3. Squid Game – 75 days
  4. Inventing Anna – 65 days
  5. Manifest – 64 days
  6. Bridgerton – 61 days
  7. Avatar: The Last Airbender – 61 days
  8. Ginny & Georgia – 58 days
  9. Ozark – 57 days
  10. iCarly – 53 days

It’s pretty nuts to realize that TV shows almost never break the 60-day barrier (only seven shows have done it), let alone the 70-day barrier (only three shows have done it). But with Stranger Things finishing in third place today with no end seemingly in sight, it’s reasonable to believe the show will break the 80-day mark, the 90-day mark—and possibly the 100-day mark.

The craziest part is that Stranger Things has done this with just one season. Prior to 2022, Stranger Things had never appeared on the Top 10 charts (the show’s third season aired in the summer of 2019).

Because most shows have had multiple seasons, they’ve had multiple opportunities to build their Top 10 counts. But with just one season, Stranger Things has already ranked in the top ten for the most chart appearances ever:

  1. The Office – 182 days
  2. Ozark – 159 days
  3. All American – 134 days
  4. Bridgerton – 126 days
  5. Manifest – 101 days
  6. Virgin River – 97 days
  7. Outer Banks – 93 days
  8. Cobra Kai – 93 days
  9. Love is Blind – 90 days
  10. Stranger Things, Squid Game, The Queen’s Gambit – 79 days

Of all the shows on that list, only one was able to accrue its entire total in one calendar year: Manifest, an NBC show that caught fire on Netflix and amassed a cult audience. But even Manifest had a significant gap in its viewing popularity—Stranger Things has been on a tear since its Top 10 debut on May 23, 2022.

Stranger Things also holds the record for most days in the #1 position. While Ginny & Georgia still holds the longest #1 streak with 29 days, Stranger Things has spent 42 total days in the top spot. That’s seven days more than the second-place finisher, Virgin River, and ten more days than third place, Outer Banks. And once again: Stranger Things did this with one season, where those other shows needed multiple seasons.

So where does Stranger Things go from here? Only time can tell. But it doesn’t look like its Top 10 streak is ending anytime soon.

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