Today’s Wordle #380 Hint And Answer — Monday July 4th

Happy 4th of July, dearest Wordlers! Today we celebrate our highest and purest vision of what America can and ought to be. A nation indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

Those are important words that often feel untrue. We are a nation more divided than we’ve been in many years (though perhaps not so divided as we once were, when the North and South made war against one another, for instance, or when the Civil Rights movement was at its peak and the Vietnam war raged on).

We are also a nation where justice and liberty are often tested and where many people disagree on what those words truly mean. Perhaps this is inevitable. Beliefs drive politics and we believe different things. We have different definitions of these words and not everyone shares the same vision about what a good and dignified existence is, or who deserves to enjoy one.

But I like to think that the 4th of July is less about the sort of bland populism and showy patriotism and more about ideals, whatever those may be. We continue to strive for a more democratic, more free, more just and equitable society, one in which our children and grandchildren can live without fear or hunger or poverty. We all believe in some version of this even if we don’t always agree on the best path to get there.

Perhaps it would be wise for us to remember that, to afford even our political opponents some benefit of the doubt, to add to our list of values compassion and grace and empathy, to speak less and listen more, to judge not lest we be judged and to turn the other cheek from time to time.

And with that little opening speech, I’ll return you to your regular scheduled program: Today’s Wordle.

Today’s Wordle Hint & Answer (4th Of July Edition)

As I remind readers of this column every single day, there are spoilers ahead. Imminent spoilers. Spoilers in close proximity. The clear and present danger of spoilers is upon us.

First, however, a hint: To cut the ties that bind.

And the answer is . . . .

Okay, so that’s not a particularly patriotic word. I know it’s all random but I was sort of hoping for something holiday-themed (I didn’t get bunny on Easter, either).

My opening guess was, I believe, in keeping with the spirit of today. What I want for this and for all the nations of the world more than anything is peace.

Normally, it’s not a great opening word. The double ‘E’ is not ideal for a starting guess. Today, however, it was right on the money. My second guess was the first word I came up with that had two E’s in it. There are obviously many others but this one was a near perfect guess. As the boxes flipped over Green (another double-E word!) I was certain I had it in two. When the ‘N’ popped up Grey I was devastated.

(I wasn’t actually devastated. I’m just being dramatic).

But the only other possible option at this point was sever unless the words sevel or sevex or seveo have been added to the English lexicon without anyone informing me. Sever for the win!

It’s actually a very odd word for the 4th of July, but oddly fitting, too. The Civil War was fought when the South tried to sever itself from the Union over the issue of slavery, and the North fought to prevent this severance.

Oh, and speaking of Severance if you have Apple TV you absolutely need to watch it. What a great show! I need to write about it.

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