Today’s Wordle #458 Word Of The Day Hint, Clues And Answer — Tuesday, September 20th

Another day, another Wordle. This is the last Tuesday of summer. The season officially draws to a close on Thursday the 22nd, but it’s already feeling more like autumn these days. The leaves are changing. The nights are cooling.

The Wordles are essentially the same as ever, though I hope we get some spooky answers as we head into Halloween season.

In any case, let’s skip the preamble and jump right into the solution, shall we?

Today’s Wordle #458

The Warning: Spoilers! Spoilers ahead! Beware of spoilers!

The Hint: No two snow flakes are this.

The Clue: There are more vowels than consonants in this word.

I really almost screwed the proverbial pooch on this one. Six tries!

What’s crazy here is that my first guess, ouija, was pretty good—great even! It shaved the 2,309 possible solutions down to just 72.

Sacre took that number and subtracted 67, leaving me with just 5. At this point, I probably should have taken a different approach, but I wanted to see if my hunch about the word was right, so I guessed abide and got three vowels in green. I wasn’t sure how many possibilities there were at this point, so I guessed glime because wanted to see if I could rule out more letters all at once. In retrospect, I should have just guessed a word that could have been an answer, like agile.

Oh well. It turns out I only had two options at this point and I had two guesses remaining. I guessed alive which was dead wrong and finally settled on alike for the win. That was a close call! Too close!

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