Today’s Wordle #591 Hint, Clues And Answer For Tuesday, January 31st

It’s the final day of January, 2023 which means we’re down to just 11 more months this year. Pretty wild! It’s snowing again, which should put us up over 60 inches for the month, which is also pretty wild. Winter is here, no doubt, and I am dreaming of spring.

Some time tables:

  • Groundhog Day is this Thursday! Watch the Bill Murray movie to celebrate. It’s one of my favorites. Will there be six more weeks of winter? Well, yeah, officially.
  • We have 9 more days until Wordle #600—but still over a year until Wordle #1000.
  • In two weeks, we single types can scoff at all the Valentine’s Day celebrations (and secretly stuff our faces with chocolate).
  • In 48 days it will be the Spring Equinox.
  • In 141 days it will be the Summer Solstice (one day after my birthday).

Lots to look forward to, I suppose. But for now, a Wordle to solve!

How To Solve Today’s Wordle

The Hint: Angry; hot buns; crucifix.

The Clue: There’s a double letter in this word.

The Answer (Spoilers):




I’m a little cross with myself for not guessing the winning word on #3 and going with gross instead. Still, I had to take a gamble and it was (it turns out) a 1 in 3 chance that soon became a 50/50 chance. I chose poorly and then guessed the right one (because I hadn’t even thought of dross at this point).

Still a shame since I started out decently strong with elope (leaving 112 remaining solutions) and then very strong with short. Somehow, that reduced my remaining guesses to just 3 and I still managed to screw things up with gross instead of cross.

Wordle Bot got his in three today, which means I lost. Zero points for guessing in four and -1 for losing to the Bot for a total of -1 huzzahs. No huzzahs for me today!

Have a lovely Tuesday, folks! Enjoy this last day of January. Next up, February—a month named after Februa, a Roman festival of purification celebrated on February 15th.

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