Today’s ‘Wordle’ Word Of The Day #336 Answer And Hint: Saturday, May 21st

It’s the weekend. School is almost out. Summer is almost here. I’m excited to barbeque, go on lots of hikes and take lazy summertime naps in hammocks and on picnic blankets.

I’m all about the warmth and sunshine, camping, playing tennis and being outdoors as much as humanly possible. And one great thing about Wordle is that it only occupies a tiny, tiny bit of your time each day. Just one word to guess every day, and only six guesses to get it right.

Let’s not waste any more time on preamble and get straight to it shall we?

Today’s Wordle #336 Answer And Hint

Spoilers ahead!

First, a hint: Slang for a fight.

And the answer is . . . .

This is a pretty easy one. It’s especially easy if you start with crane since it gets you c, r, and a.

Frankly, my guess, drape, did just as well. I got a ‘p’ instead of a ‘c’ and both words get you all three letters in yellow instead of green.

Parry turns out to be an ironic word, if only because you can parry when you’re in a scrap or a fight. This got me the ‘s’ and four letters in green. I couldn’t think of any other option besides scrap, which was good since it was the right answer.

Wordle Bot says my opening word was ‘great’ and normally narrows solutions down to 107. This time it worked much better, leaving me with just ten choices. Somehow, Wordle Bot thought my next guess was a “Wonderful choice” and it was—I agree—narrowing it down to three.

My third guess was “exactly what [Wordle Bot] would have guessed in this situation. Well done! it tells me, much to my surprise and delight. This brought my remaining choices down to just one, which I got on guess #4. I think this might be the most Wordle Bot has ever praised my guessing game. Go figure!

Have a terrific Saturday everybody!

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