Today’s ‘Wordle’ Word Of The Day #373 Answer And Hint: Monday, June 27th

I sat down to type up this post and, as per usual, I first selected the header image from Getty Images. I didn’t read over the words in the mock-up until I started typing.

The answer, as you can see, is fetus—a word that was actually taken out of the solutions list by the New York Times because of the whole Supreme Court, Roe v Wade thing. It’s a sensitive subject with fierce opinions on both sides of the line and I guess the paper of record is trying to avoid controversy with its newest word puzzle game.

That’s understandable. I, too, would like to avoid controversy with my Wordle guides so I won’t comment on the court’s decision here—though I will have something to say about it in my diabolical newsletter, so be sure to sign up for that if you get a chance.

In any case, today’s Wordle is much less controversial (though I suppose fetuses, in and of themselves, are hardly that controversial, either). Let’s take a look!

Today’s Wordle #373 Answer & Hint

As always, spoilers ahead. Spoilers lay in wait. Spoilers at the gate. Spoilers that we hate if we’re not warned before it’s too late!

And a hint: Old school.

The answer is . . . .

So my starting guess was because it rained so damn hard yesterday. It was a torrential downpour. I got multiple flash flood warnings on my phone. They closed down a few streets for a bit because the flooding was so bad.

And then it stopped and the sun came out and the world warmed up. You could see the steam coming up off the streets. It was quite lovely. We’re in monsoon season now and every day is a new surprise. Sometimes it rains early and then gets nice. Sometimes it’s nice all day and rains later in the afternoon. But the great thing about monsoons is that no matter what, it always trades off between rainy and sunny. It’s the best of both worlds.

In any case, rainy got me down to 29 solutions (on average it’s 113) and then rouge eliminated the other 28, leaving me with just one. But I did not think of retro and went for redos instead. This was another one Wordle Bot says it had to “look up” but it was not a possible solution. I wish I’d thought of retro sooner so I could have gotten it in three, but at least I got the correct answer the next guess.

Have a great Monday, dearest Wordlers!

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