Today’s Wordle Word Of The Day #460 Hint, Clues And Solution — Thursday, September 22nd

The weeks have really been flying by, haven’t they? Today is the last day of summer and the first day of autumn. The Fall Equinox takes place at 6:03pm, meaning today you woke up and it was still summer, but tonight when you go to bed summer will be over. It’s kind of a strange thought.

There’s a wistfulness to autumn that’s beautiful but also a little sad and haunting. I guess that’s why it’s the perfect time of year for Halloween. The world dies all around us and its dying is lovely and often spectacular. Green leaves turn into various shades of flame before they fall and become mulch.

Then slowly the flame fades and the branches are left barren. Winter begins to rouse itself, clambering slowly from its summery hibernation. We feel its crisp chill long before December, and then welcome the season with a festival of lights on Christmas. The fiery autumn canopy is replaced by crackling hearths and the smell of woodsmoke.

But hey, there’s still a sliver of summer left. Let’s do this Wordle and then go outside and play!

Today’s Wordle #460 Hint, Clue & Answer

The Warning: Spoiler warning. You’ve been warned!

The Hint: Val Kilmer and Elisabeth Shue were in this movie.

The Clue: This word’s vowels are in a row.

The Answer:

Dang, getting this one in three reminds me that it’s been a long time since I’ve gotten a word in under four. I had a two-guess word a while back but that was a rare surprise. Mostly, I’ve been getting these in four, sometimes five. The occasional six.

Today, my first guess was kind of garbage but it ended up syncing nicely with the final answer. Choir only brought the total down to 478, which is a hefty number. Thankfully, takes got me three more correct letters, leaving me with one green and three yellows. At this point, I had no idea only two options remained to me.

I swapped the T and the S and once I’d moved the ‘I’ into the only remaining spot I only had one letter left that could work: N. So I went with that and much to my delight, victory! Huzzah!

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