Tyson Fury video calls Eddie Hearn as he celebrates Dillian Whyte KO

Tyson Fury video called boxing promoter Eddie Hearn on Sunday afternoon, less than 24 hours after defending his WBC heavyweight world title against Dillian Whyte.

The Gypsy King, 33, celebrated his stunning knock-out victory against Whyte by enjoying some well deserved food and drinks with his mates the following day. Hearn did not promote the fight, which was staged by Frank Warren’s Queensbury promotions.

Fury and Hearn rarely work together but have a friendly relationship and often enjoy some banter. Hearn, who runs promotion company Matchroom Sport with his dad Barry, would undoubtedly love to see his client Anthony Joshua take on Fury in the future.

Undefeated Fury has promised to retire from professional boxing after defeating Whyte in the sixth round of their Wembley clash, held in front of 94,000 spectators. Yet he’s retired from the sport before and could be tempted by a career-defining bout with AJ.

In the brief clip – shared by friend Ty Mitchell – Fury is seen chatting to Hearn on a video call. It’s unclear what the two boxing favourites discussed, yet they were both smiling and it appeared to be a very friendly conversation.

“Eddie Hearn, he is a proper southern w*****,” joked Fury while speaking to Gary Neville on The Overlap in 2021. “I don’t know if you can say that on your show?

Tyson Fury video called Eddie Hearn on Sunday afternoon

Tyson Fury video called Eddie Hearn on Sunday afternoon

The pair seemed delighted to see each other

The pair seemed delighted to see each other

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“I love to terrorise Eddie because he loves to talk s*** about people that he’s got nothing to do with. All Eddie has ever done is talk rubbish about me because he knows it gets him hits and viewing figures on interviews. At the end of the day, what’s he ever achieved in his life?

“He’s never been a boxer. He goes around like he’s world heavyweight champion, but he isn’t. He’s just a businessman. There’s plenty of them out there but there’s only one, real, heavyweight world champion – and that’s me.”

Responding to Fury’s jibe, Hearn said: “[Fury] says I’m not a champion, I’m just a businessman – well obviously. But he and I have one thing in common: we both have the same amount of world heavyweight title defences, which is zero [Fury now has two].

“He should concentrate on his own career and try to build on the great work he’s done, and create a legacy with championship defences. And I hope he beats Deontay Wilder.” Fury went on to record a TKO victory against Wilder, his first world title defence.

Speaking after his win against Whyte, Fury said: “This might be the final curtain for the Gypsy King… I’ve spent a lot of time on the road. I’ve been away for a long time. I fulfilled everything I’ve ever wanted to fulfil.

“I will retire as only the second heavyweight in history, after Rocky Marciano, to retire undefeated. I was unbeatable at this game… I promised my wife that would be it after the Wilder fight, but I got offered a fight at Wembley and I owed it to the fans. What a way to go out.”

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