UFC champion left stunned when told Tyson and Tommy Fury are brothers

Aljamain Sterling has claimed heavyweight world champion Tyson Fury looks “nothing” like his brother Tommy.

The Fury brothers are plying their trade in the boxing ring with the ‘Gypsy King’ currently an undefeated heavyweight ruler. Meanwhile his younger sibling Tommy is in the early stages of his boxing career and will face YouTube star Jake Paul in his ninth professional fight.

UFC champion Sterling was left extremely confused after his co-host mentioned Tommy’s net worth in comparison to his brother Tyson’s, during a video on his YouTube channel. He responded: “Who’s his brother? [ Tyson Fury ] is Tommy Fury ’s brother? There’s no f****** way. Those guys don’t look nothing alike. Tommy Fury can’t lose to Jake Paul having his brother be Tyson, that would be wild.”

After finally realising his mistake, Sterling assessed the prospect of the younger Fury meeting Paul in August, adding: “Tyson can box his ass off. I mean, I haven’t seen Tommy fight before. Now, this changes everything. It’s a good fight. Jake has been getting in the ring and getting that in [ring] experience even though it’s against Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley. I think there’s no substitute for the value of the time under those bright lights.

“The experience, the nerves, all that. I think that all comes with some type of value that you get. I think that’s the difference going into this fight. Whereas before, if you asked me about this, I’d be like ‘there’s no way [Jake Paul] wins this scrap, but now I’m like, ‘there’s actually a good chance he can win this.’”

Fury will go into the contest with Paul as the marginal favourite which is expected to contribute to the added pressure in the US. He will also be without his brother Tyson who is currently banned from travelling across the pond alongside his father John.

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Tommy Fury with his brother Tyson

Tommy Fury with his brother Tyson

When preparing for his last fight, Fury had the pair in his corner and trained in their family Morecambe base for his victory over Daniel Bocianski. However it is expected he will now train elsewhere with neither able to attend the showdown in August. Fury’s brother Tyson is confident of the young star being victorious and has agreed a $1 million bet with his rival over the outcome of the fight.

He has also claimed that the British star cannot be considered a real fighter if he is unable to progress beyond Paul. “If Tommy Fury can’t win against Jake Paul he has no right in being a fighter,” his brother said during an interview with iFL TV.

“I think Tommy knocks him out and he has got to believe in himself and go over there and put on a show. Let’s just say Tommy gets paid millions of pounds for nothing if he loses, because he wouldn’t have won any title belt in England ever if he can’t beat Jake Paul.”

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