UFC legend trolls Tito Ortiz over attempted burglary at former champion’s home

UFC legend Chael Sonnen mocked his old rival Tito Ortiz by claiming that thieves found nothing worth stealing during an attempted burglary at his California home.

TMZ reported last weekend that “multiple police officers” had spent hours at his Huntington Beach home after being made aware of a burglary that had taken place. The former UFC light-heavyweight champion is believed to have been away from the property at the time and the police investigation is continuing.

Ortiz is the former Mayor pro tempore of the Huntington Beach city council, lasting around six months in the position at the start of last year. He is one of the city’s most famous residents, and continues to fight at the age of 47.

Sonnen and Ortiz have had a long-running feud, including a 2017 Bellator bout which the California native won by submission. And the former middleweight title contender mocked his former opponent in a tweet after the incident, saying “Update: Thieves break into Tito Ortiz’s house, find nothing of value, then leave $20 and a few scratch-offs.”

Tito Ortiz’s California home was reportedly burgled last Friday
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It’s the latest in a string of taunts towards the former UFC star from Sonnen, who insists that he had submitted Ortiz during their fight. He claims that his rival verbally tapped out while in a choke, but referee John McCarthy has continued to deny that he did anything of the sort.

After Sonnen let Ortiz out of his grip, the momentum of the bout shifted, and he was ultimately defeated by rear naked choke within the first round. Sonnen is known for his trolling after defeats, once claiming that he misinterpreted the rules before tapping out to Anderson Silva in a world title fight in 2010.

Ortiz is frequently the victim of mockery from Sonnen, who once claimed that losing to the ex-UFC champion made him the worst fighter in the world. He also accused his rival of fixing his boxing match last September against Anderson Silva, where he was knocked out in the opening round.

After telling a story of Ortiz and Silva meeting on a plane after their fight, Sonnen said in a YouTube video : “This is all on the heels of Tito taking a dive. And when Tito took that dive it’s a really tough spot because who’s going to say he took the dive? It can’t be Anderson. Anderson wants the credit.

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“Anderson will say ‘I hit him, I really turned that hip over, I tried it in practice a thousand times’, Anderson’s not going to come out and say the shot didn’t have any power behind it. So you end up in this really tough spot.

“Tito has gone a little bit further, saying that the shot was also illegal. He knows it’s illegal because the back of my head is, and I quote, ‘Sore as hell’.

“So, we have this punch that we’ve all seen that was done by a much smaller man, 21 seconds into a contest, who was wearing a pillow on his hand known as a 16-ounce boxing glove, that rendered one athlete completely unconscious; a reaction that athlete has never had in his entire career of fighting.

“To go down and be out till the referee says 10, jump back up, have a smile on your face, grab the flag, walk into the back, make your next call-out? Everything here was done very interesting, including changing of the topic and making it an illegal blow.”

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