UFC president Dana White was told he had 10 years to live by DNA analyst

UFC president Dana White was told he had just ten and a half years left to live – forcing him to embark on a life-changing routine.

White has been the president of the UFC since 2001 and has built the MMA promotion into a hugely successful business. The organisation has played host to some of the most high-profile combat sports figures including Conor McGregor, Anderson Silva and Georges St Pierre.

The American entrepreneur is now 53-years-old and has been involved with the UFC for several years, and it would be hard to imagine it without his influence. However White has revealed he contacted analyst Gary Brecka of 10X Health Systems, who has found a way to predict your estimated life expectancy based from your blood and DNA samples.

White revealed he was told by Brecka that he has just a decade left to live, with the shocking results unexpected to the UFC kingpin. “This guy can take your blood and your DNA and tell you when you’re going to die, and he’s right within a month,” White said during an appearance on the 200th episode of The Action Junkeez podcast.

“I connect with this guy, and they come in and they do my blood work and they scrape the insides of your cheeks to do your DNA. And the following Wednesday is when my results are supposed to be back. So he calls me [and says] I’m going to come out personally and walk you through your blood work.

Dana White is the president of the UFC

Dana White is the president of the UFC
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“He ends up coming out, he sits down for three and a half hours and goes through my blood work. I’m all f****ed up. Everything that can be bad can be possibly bad. He gave me 10.4 years to live. This was 16 weeks ago and he said to me ‘If you don’t change these things this is your life expectancy’. He told me everything that was wrong with me; s*** I hadn’t even told my wife.

“And he says ‘if you do everything I tell you to do for the next ten weeks it will change your life’. I did everything he said to the letter and I lost 30lb. Everything is gone in ten f***ing weeks, I have been working with doctors for ten years and they haven’t been able to do anything. This guy is incredible and he can literally change your life.”

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