Where To Find High-End Halloween Costumes Online For 2022

After the last two of years of altered Halloween plans in most parts of the world, it’s finally time to dust off those cobwebs and celebrate Halloween in full force. And, while it can be fun to pull together a homemade costume, most people only have time to buy one, so why not splurge this year on a Halloween costume to remember? Thankfully, online shopping makes finding the right luxury Halloween costume easier than in years past.

A luxury Halloween costume is the way to go for 2022. After all, those inexpensive costumes from the big box stores generally only last one Halloween and often fall apart while you’re wearing them. A high-end costume, on the other hand, will look great now and can be pulled back out in a few a years to wear again — or might even inspire a new love for cosplay.

Best of all, when you go luxury with your Halloween costume, you’re likely to be the only one at the party or out trick-or-treating wearing it. And, if you happen to match someone else, the quality is going to far outshine the competition. In fact, a luxury Halloween costume might be your best bet for finally winning that office costume contest. Here are some of the best places to buy a high-end Halloween costume for 2022.


At first glance, Etsy might not seem like the best place to buy a Halloween costume because the items are often handmade — but this is exactly why Etsy is a gold mine for luxury one-of-a-kind costumes. Not only will you find something no one else is going to have, you’ll find costumes with an attention to detail you won’t find anywhere else. Remember, just because they’re handmade doesn’t mean they look like you made them yourself — these sellers are professionals and many of the costumes on Etsy are professional level costumes. High-end costumes on Etsy can run anywhere from $100 to more than a $1,000. Here are a few highlights.

Chasing Fireflies

Chasing Fireflies is an online boutique with clothing, shoes, and costumes for kids ages 3 months to fourteen years old. The site carries high quality luxury brands and this commitment to quality holds true for costumes as well as clothing. Chasing Fireflies offers a huge assortment of costumes inspired by everything from popular culture to fairy tales and includes many costumes you’re unlikely to see on other kids when out trick-or-treating. Adaptive costumes are also available for kids with special needs. Here are a couple highlights.


Amazon might come as a surprise as a source for high-end Halloween costumes. However, much like etsy, Amazon offers a platform for small, highly-specialized businesses to reach a large audience and luxury costumes can be found with the right search terms. As with anything Amazon, it’s important to read reviews carefully to confirm the quality actually matches the price tags. Some successful search terms included “men’s costumes” and “high end costumes for women” — filtering for price from high to low also helped. Here are a few highlights.

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