Why ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Has 13 Emmy Nominations, But Zero For Acting

Netflix got a bit outshined by HBO and Apple at the Emmy nominations for 2022, but one series that performed extremely well is Stranger Things season 4, which by itself, secured 13 nominations.

However, exactly none of those were for acting.

The 13 nominations are down from 18 for season 1, and previously, Millie Bobbie Brown and David Harbour were both nominated in Best Supporting categories. This time around, many Stranger Things fans expected season 4 standouts Millie Bobbie Brown and/or Sadie Sink to get nominated, but neither did. The nominations are instead for things like music, casting, makeup and sound editing, though it was also nominated for Best Drama (which it will probably lose to Succession).

And if you want an answer as to why Millie Bobbie Brown or Sadie Sink were not nominated for acting, you probably have a portion of your answer right there: Succession.

Essentially every major and minor actor in HBO’s Succession, from lead stars to supporting roles to guest stars, were nominated in 2022, which makes a lot of the dramatic categories very crowded.

In this case, Millie Bobbie Brown and Sadie Sink were probably both submitted for Best Supporting (while Eleven is the “star” of Stranger Things, it’s very much an ensemble cast, which is why they put her in this category instead of Lead). But the final nominee list is:

Patricia Arquette – Severance – Severance was a huge favorite this year including a Best Drama nomination, so it’s no surprise to see Patricia Arquette here.

Julia Garner – Ozark – She usually dominates this category and here for the final season of Ozark, seems destined to probably win again.

Jung Ho-yeon – Squid Game – Squid Game set records as the first non-English show to be nominated for Best Drama, and one of its best supporting players landed a nomination here at the same time.

Christina Ricci – Yellowjackets – Was surprised but pretty excited to see Ricci nominated for one of my favorite shows of the year.

Rhea Seehorn Better Call Saul – She has been snubbed so many times at this point it’s justice to finally see her in the list here. I think she should probably win, given that Garner has enough Emmys.

J. Smith-Cameron – Succession – This may be the more debatable of the two Succession noms here, but given the past season, it’s not shocking she’s here.

Sarah Snook – Succession – Snook will probably be nominated every year until Succession is over, but it’s unclear if she’ll actually win.

Sydney Sweeney – Euphoria – Sweeney went next-level with her role in Euphoria this year, and this is actually one of two different nominations she has, as she was also nominated for Supporting in a Limited Drama for The White Lotus, also on HBO.

So you can see how crowded this is. I think another issue is the way Stranger Things is structured. For instance, obviously Sadie Sink got some very specific moments to shine in Dear Billy and the finale of season 4, but most of the actresses listed here are a key part of every episode of the shows they’re on, so voters may have deemed them more worth. Some like Seehorn, Snook and Garner and practically the leads themselves, with how much screentime they have. So it’s a tough battle.

Keep in mind we have one more season of Stranger Things to go, and the Emmys tend to reward shows that are ending with extra nominations and awards. So fans shouldn’t lose hope yet.

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